Godsforge Adds Two New Expansions!

Fan-favorite Strategy Card Game Godsforge Gets Upgrade and Two Hefty Expansions

This winter Godsforge officially gets a 2nd edition upgrade and two new expansions: Return of the Dragon Gods and Twilight of the Great Houses. All are available as part of Atlas Games’ Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launching November 8th, 2022 at 10:30am CT.

Go directly to the Kickstarter: atlas-games.com/godsforgeks

Godsforge is a fan favorite, with fast simultaneous play and an epic fantasy feel, which plays in just 30 minutes. In Godsforge everyone rolls, crafts, and attacks at the same time. No downtime means players are always part of the action.


Designer Brendan Stern has crafted  two hefty expansions for the game that not only add deeper strategy and replay value, but also increase the player count. “I made things simple but strategic, so the game goes quickly even with lots of players interacting” says Stern.

The new expansions are Return of the Dragon Gods and Twilight of the Great Houses. Each brings something new to Godsforge. Both boast 55 new cards, 4 custom dice, 8 veilstone gems, and a tracking token, and bring a lot of weight to the gameplay experience.

  • Return of the Dragon Gods features dragon-themed cards and introduces Upgrades that increase the game’s power level. It also adds 1 player.
  • Twilight of the Great Houses contains 16 Great Houses that each give a unique ability to modify the game’s play style and power level, adding replay value. It also adds 1 player.

2nd Edition Enhancements

Atlas Games also took this opportunity to enhance the core game. The rules aren’t changing,, but the art, components, and overall quality is being enhanced.

Enhancements include:

  • Custom dice with wild symbols for 1s and veilstone symbols for 6s.
  • Rules revised by the game’s designer Brendan Stern, but fully backward-compatible.
  • Card art enhancements by the game’s artist Diego L Rodriguez.
  • Card text revised by the designer, but fully backward-compatible.
  • “Veilstone Use” summary added to the back of the reference cards.
  • Veilstone gems are now translucent rather than metallic, to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Board contrast improved for better legibility at a distance.
  • Box depth decreased for improved shipping efficiency.
  • Rules are made of FSC paper and shrinkwrap replaced with a paper band

When asked about the decision to move to a 2nd Edition, Atlas Games co-owner Michelle Nephew explained, “the wish list for the reprint just kept getting longer. With all the upgrades, art enhancements, rules clarifications, and the box size change, we finally realized this meant an official 2nd Edition of Godsforge. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be the first to get their hands on the new edition!”

About Publisher Atlas Games

At Atlas Games, our passion is offering exceptional games to the world. Our first release was in 1990, making us one of the most reliable hobby game publishers in business, too. We believe in creative curiosity and sensible operations. We love new ideas and always keep our word. If that appeals to you, boy have we got a treat for you!

Atlas Games has offices in Roseville and Proctor, MN. It employs seven full-time employees in greater Duluth and the Twin Cities, in addition to part-timers and freelancers.

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