Staff Bios

Meet the Roleplayers Chronicle staff.

Aaron T. Huss

Aaron is a long-time creative writer and a lover of tabletop games. After desperately searching the Internet for tabletop role-playing news and finding only the bare minimum, he decided to start Roleplayers Chronicle as a completely unbiased website to find all the news for the entire tabletop role-playing industry, not just a few selected systems. He is President of Mystical Throne Entertainment, and Editor-in-Chief of Roleplayers Chronicle, and former Editor-in-Chief of Savage Insider (a magazine dedicated to Savage Worlds). He publishes licensed products through Mystical Throne Entertainment along with managing Roleplayers Chronicle premium publications.

Aaron also contributes abroad as an editor for Raging Swan Press and writer for DramaScape.

Aaron resides in Florida, USA with his wife Kristen and five children Riannah, Nolan, Harper, Willow, and Isla.

Cape Rust
US Correspondent

I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas, I joined the United States Army where I served for 12 years. While in the military, I was stationed in such diverse locations as South Korea, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Key West.

After leaving the Army, my family and I moved to Leavenworth, Kansas where I was hired by a contractor to train African Soldiers for peacekeeping missions In my four years training peacekeepers, I traveled to 11 different African countries and was exposed to people and ideas which have changed my life. How many people do you know who have gotten to pet lion cubs or a full grown cheetah?

I have slayed many dire rats and gazebos. I won’t get into the color of the boxes I’ve played or bore you with statements like “I remember when you had to color in your own dice.” I’ve gotten to play hundreds of different games and game systems with thousands of different types of gamers. No matter where I’ve gone in the world, I have always found gamers. Before meeting my wife, gaming was the one constant in my life and like life, the games were not always great but they were always there for me.

As far as my writing credentials go, I have a weekly article here on Roleplayers Chronicle called Tales from the Gazebo. I am a staff writer for the website Geek-life and I’m doing a small amount of mercenary writing for several game companies (I think mercenary sounds just as cool as freelance). I write on an eclectic array of subjects and I’m not afraid to tackle new topics. In the future, I would love to act as consultant to RPG developers, comic book publishers, or anyone else as a technical advisor for all things military.

I have been married to my amazing wife for 17 years and we have two girls, Mallie and Megan, who are geeks like me. Our house is guarded by Smokey and Midnight, two out of work stunt cats and Truman, the world’s largest Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The Warden
Canada Correspondent

Aspiring RPG designer, his real name is too lame for the online world. Founder and lone servant to Broken Ruler Games, former Head Honcho of Emerald Press PDF Publishing, and creator of the soon-to-be released Optional System, the Warden is a 20-year roleplayer from AD&D and every other edition since, Earthdawn, Planescape, and numerous other independent games. Go, Polar Bears!

Martin Tideswell
United Kingdom Correspondent

Bio coming soon!

Gilbert Gallo
Italy Correspondent

“I live in Italy, homeland of Saints, Poets and seafaring adventurers.

Since I was a kid, I always believed in my dreams and tried my best to make them come true. When I was 14, I discovered the world of role-playing games, which greatly improved my imagination and storytelling. At 16 I wrote my first novel. Since then I have never stopped writing novels, short stories, RPG manuals, role-playing adventures, and scripts for comics.

Together with my friends, I founded White Rabbit Studios, the Italian leading RPG creators group, and since 2011 I’m the general coordinator. During summer 2012 I discovered MTE and RPC. and since then my “midsummer night dream” began.

In everyday life, I restore smiles to the people thanks to my supernatural dentist’s powers. Besides writing and role-playing, I like partying with friends, cosplay and, most of all, I love my beautiful wife.

Nowadays, I’m rehearsing to play the hardest role of all: being a good father”


Shalirat (GilDarGames, 2006)
Sancta Sanctorum – Looking for a publisher


Xaulos (GilDarGames, 2006)

RPG Manuals

GilDaR (GilDarGames, 2005)
Mythos (White Rabbit Studios, 2007)

RPG Adventures

To tell you the truth, I have written countless RPG adventures, here are a pair of them, hosted on the Italian RPG championship website (browse a little and you’ll find them). If you’d like to read additional adventures I have made, please contact me.

Spherion (Italian Rpg Championship, 2009)
Ritorno a Monkey Island (Italian Rpg championship, 2009