Deep-Cut Studio Releases Infinity Code One Compatible Game Mats for all Factions

New game mats release! All our official Infinity game mats have just been updated and are now compatible with Code One battlefield sizes. Every faction gets their playground so why not pick your favorite and give them a ride before dwelling deeper into N4? Check them out at – home of game mats. Links:

New Tomb World Game Mat to Boost your WH40K Experience from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Necrons have just got their own turf to fight for. A dedicated battlefield of harsh Tomb World is available in multiple sizes, including the new standards compatible with 9th edition rules. Premium materials, high definition print, fine attention to details – check them out at – home of game mats. Links:

Science Fiction RPG Powered by the Entropic Gaming System

PALMETTO, FL MAY 17, 2020 – Mystical Throne Entertainment has released Entropic Science Fiction, a standalone sci-fi role-playing powered by the Entropic Gaming System 2.0 System Reference Document. The first standalone core rulebook powered by the Entropic Gaming System 2.0 mechanics comes in the form of Entropic Science Fiction, a book for players and GMs to create characters and run games in their...

New Coldstorm Game Mat from Deep-Cu Studio has Just Been Released

New game mat release! With the new streamlined game from Corvus Belli in the shelves, comes new ways to play it as well. Coldstorm design is our long-awaited opportunity to explore sci-fi inspired winterlands, be it battlefields for PanO, Rebels or even Space Wolves. Check it out and see what you make of it at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Finishes Full Range of Designed for Infinity Game Mats with Tohaa Release

New Designed for Infinity game mat release! Tohaa finishes the epic journey through which we explored the worlds of each faction. The latest design blends technology and free nature to a subtle unity, in a way that biohacker alien race is. Check them all and pick your favourite at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Launches Official Combined Army Game Mat for Infinity

New game mat release! Designed for Infinity, Combined Army now has a dedicated battlefield. Known to dwell in mysterious worlds, united under Evolved Intelligence, the alien races have found a way to Human Sphere. But now you can bring the fight to their lair. Load your guns and prep the dropships at – home of game mats. Links:

Fight your Battles in Alien Worlds with a New Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Take your battles to the alien worlds or wipe those pesky hewww-muns out of your turf. With a new battlemat you can do both. New Xenos Jungle design boasts plenty of exotic landscape and tickles your imagination to create new never-seen-before battlefields. Feel that tickle at – home of game mats. Links:


Unlock never before seen secrets of the Guidestone in the search for your homeworld! Modiphius Entertainment are excited to announce that under licence from Gearbox Software LLC, they are creating a tabletop roleplaying game, HOMEWORLD: Revelations, based on the popular Homeworld video game franchise. September 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the 1999 award winning real-time strategy video game,...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases O12 Official Game mat for Infinity

New game mat release! Straight from Concilium Prime the official Designed for Infinity game mat for O12 faction arrives. Keepers of peace and safety deserve no less than the splendour of marble encrusted with cutting edge tech. If there ever was a reason to start a new faction – it is here and now. Check out this new battlefield at – home of game mats. Links:

Game Mat for Aeronautica Imperialis Released by Deep-Cut Studio

Our thanks for your requests, new game mat Scorched Sky has just been released for futuristic aerial dogfights! Fully compatible with Dakkajets and Thunderbolts this new battlefield is ready to boost your game experience right away. The mat can also be done in any size to suit even the largest battles and has fully customizable hex grid option. Check it out at – home of game...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases PanOceania Official Game Mat for Infinity

New game mat release! The greatest power in Human Sphere makes a statement and carves the name amongst those selected few. Designed for Infinity, PanOceania battlemat arrives in its glory and splendour. Check it out at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Two New Official Arenas for Aristeia!

New game mat release! Better yet – two new official mousepad boards for Aristeia!, the ultimate sport in Human Sphere. Undoubtedly the fanciest, undeniably jaw dropping, they bring a whole new meaning when you challenge your opponent in your home arena. Check these beauties at – home of game mats. Links:

Two Fantastic New Infinity Print Books Haqqislam and Ariadna Release!

The Infinity: Haqqislam Supplement The Haqqislamite movement found traction in a world riven by political turmoil and economic crises. Its greatest messenger, Farhad Khadivar, advocated a new ideology that wove together the many complex threads of the old into a New Islam. This philosophical and theological revision of long-standing interpretations, which shed intolerance and oppressive dogma in favour...

Yu Jing get a New Designed-for-Infinity Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

New exciting game mat makes it to the shelves after the reveal and complete sell-out at Salute. Yu Jing join the proud owners of the Designed for Infinity series battlefields. The other great power is The Power and they have their grounds to prove it. Check out this beauty at – home of game mats. Links:

Hunters Entertainment Rolls the Dice with Altered Carbon Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Skydance teams up with award-winning game publisher for officially licensed tabletop games starting in 2020 Los Angeles, CA (March 29, 2019) – Skydance Media has reached a multi-year licensing agreement with Hunters Entertainment to produce tabletop role-playing games set within the stunning sci-fi universe of the hit Netflix series, Altered Carbon. Based upon the best-selling novels by Richard...

New Designed For Infinity Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio – Aleph

New official game mat for Infinity miniature game just launched. Aleph completed the initiation cycle, offering new ways to play your battles on a highly detailed and themed playmat. Welcome to the Machine! Join the greater cause at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Starts Releasing Designed for Infinity Game Mats

The very first, official, Designed for Infinity game mat has just arrived. Ariadna starts the range with their cold and rough battlefield. It is an absolute eye candy that you have to see yourself to believe. Check it out at – home of game mats, and be sure to keep an eye out for the new fraction next week. Links:

Coriolis: Emissary Lost, Last Voyage of the Ghazali & Dice Set all Released!

Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of three brand new products in print and PDF for Coriolis The Third Horizon, Free League’s award-winning RPG which has been described as Arabian Nights in Space!   Emissary Lost kicks off the massive new Mercy of the Icons campaign, with a huge, full colour hardback to really get your teeth into, while Last Voyage of the Ghazali is an...

Limited Edition Space Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

New limited edition space game mat just became available – NGC602. It’s a beautiful young star cluster that looks like about to be swallowed by a giant cosmic beast. And an interesting one to study the birth of new stars. Just recently discovered younglings are ‘only’ around 1 million years old. Check this beauty at – home of game mats. Links:

Gothic Ruins Game Mats Hit the Streets from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Gothic Ruins is another title that speaks for itself and offers no compromises. Futuristic, dirty, grim and beautiful in its own majestic way, it has the right ingredients for any dystopian sci-fi or WH40k setting. Available on premium neoprene material in any size you can think of at – home of game mats. Links: