Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Range of Prepainted Buildings

New prepainted scenery has just been released! The new range comes in sci-fi desert buildings theme and needless to say they will serve you well for your SW Legion games or any other futuristic settings and sandy battlefields. Check out these 5 new resin cast, prepainted and ready to use out of the box houses, pick them while they’re hot, build the battlefield worth fighting for. Available at Links:

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns— The Game is LIVE on KICKSTARTER!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – The Game, a solo board game, is coming to Kickstarter on February 23rd, recreating the comic experience as you play through all four books in Frank Miller’s iconic limited series. Lake Forest, CA – February 23, 2021 – Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of tabletop games, trading cards, and collectibles, and DC Comics today announced...

Announcing Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Organized Play!

Today we are excited to share some news with the entire Vamily! While we know you are all waiting for the game to arrive in your hands, we are happy to announce our Organized Play plans with you today, including a little something to help pass the time until the game hits your shelf! First off, our intention for Organized Play will be to provide a home for all of our Vamily members, regardless of...

Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox Join Team Renegade!

JIMMY LE AND TRIVIA FOX JOIN RENEGADE GAME STUDIOS AS ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Both bring industry experience and talent to Renegade’s growing catalog of board, card, and roleplaying games. San Diego. CA – Feb 4th, 2021 – Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce two new hires. Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox have joined the team as Associate Producers as part of Renegade’s...

Renegade Game Studios Continues Growth with Promotion

San Diego, CA (Jan. 14th, 2021) – Renegade Game Studios is proud to announce that Sara Erickson has been promoted to a new role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This expanded role will be focused on increasing the growth that Renegade has enjoyed in the past six years with a special focus on serving the diverse fan base surrounding recently announced licenses. Erickson entered the industry...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Official Bushido Game Mats

New game mats release! Let us share our excitement to launch the new range of official Bushido playmats. Three new designs are here to wage your battles on, all in premium mousepad finish. Outwit, outfight and outlive your opponent while standing firm on the new grounds. Check them out and pick your favourite at – home of game mats Links:

Matt Holland Joins Team Renegade!

MATT HOLLAND JOINS RENEGADE GAME STUDIOS AS SALES & MARKETING PROGRAM MANAGER Experienced professional brings new perspective and creativity to Sales and Marketing team. San Diego. CA – Jan. 4th, 2021 – Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce Matt Holland has joined the team as Sales & Marketing Program Manager to oversee new community oriented projects. Beginning...

Deep-Cut Studio Joins Second Season of Blood Bowl with their Updated Game Mats

New game mat release! Or rather an update of full range of Blood Bowl mats to be compatible with Second Season of the game. Enjoy your matches on premium mousepad boards, fully equipped with tables and essentials for the smooth and easy game experience. Check them out at – home of game mats Links:

Two New Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Terrain Sets Release!

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of two new terrain packs from our friends at Battle Systems, which make superb battlegrounds for your Elder Scrolls Call to Arms adventures. The Northern Settlement and Ruined Monastery are available now on as part of the Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Collection! Here are the details on these exciting terrain packs: Northern...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Imperial Sector Game Mat for WH40k

New game mat release! We just couldn’t hold our excitement for the new edition of WH40K and released a new game mat dedicated to the game. Imperial Sector is the latest addition to the plethora of playmats you can find on our website, waiting to tingle your imagination to build new battlefields. Will this be your new outpost for the marines? Or a turf for your gang in the Underhive? Lots of choices...

Critical Role Launches New Publishing Company: Darrington Press

Critical Role Launches New Publishing Company, Darrington Press, with Four Original Games Set for 2021 Release Featuring New Adventures Both In and Outside of the Critical Role-created World of Exandria October 27, 2020 — Today, Critical Role embarks on its latest adventure by officially launching its new tabletop game publishing company, Darrington Press, further establishing Critical Role’s...


Crowdfunding campaign for the competitive strategy game set for 2021. NAPLES, ITALY (October 22, 2020): Giochi Uniti and Paizo Inc. will release Pathfinder Arena, a new board game set in the Pathfinder roleplaying game’s fantasy fiction Age of Lost Omens setting. The game will be available through a crowdfunding campaign in 2021. Pathfinder Arena is a competitive strategy game divided...

New Realm of Life Game Mat Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Realm of Life design joins the fantasy worlds to fight your Warhammer battles on. Secure the lands with the help of wood elves or their pointy cousins? Trample life with festering chaos feet? Or just let your band wander the mystical lands in search of adventures – the possibilities to build new battlefields are countless. Give it a try at – home of game...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Islands Game Mat for Naval Miniature Games

New game mat release! And it is a dedication to everyone enjoying boats, ships and sandy beaches. The new Islands battlefield offers a variety of options for your naval or pirates inspired games, be they historical or heroic scale. When you need to set a foot on new lands – start your journey at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Infinity Code One Compatible Game Mats for all Factions

New game mats release! All our official Infinity game mats have just been updated and are now compatible with Code One battlefield sizes. Every faction gets their playground so why not pick your favorite and give them a ride before dwelling deeper into N4? Check them out at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Two New Aerial Game Mats

New game mats release! Two new aerial game mats have just become available for your dogfights. Bring you action over sandy desert or a lightly populated countryside and leave your opponent scattered on the ground.  Check these two new releases along with other available battlefields at – home of game mats. Links:

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Releases

Adventure is a dish best served cold and, beginning today, Dungeons & Dragons brings a bone-chilling one with the release of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Fans from all over the world can get a first-look and playthrough the new icy adventure at D&D Celebration, a virtual event that kicks-off this Friday and runs through the weekend (Sept. 18-20). Join us to roll some dice and slay...

Objective Markers for WH40k Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New objective markers for WH40k have just been released! The new sets come in two flavours: cyber-undead and imperial-proud. 8 pcs per set, each with unique identifier and high detail print, cut by flawless robots to extreme precision. Earn your victory points with style at Links:

Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Adventurer Allies & Followers Minis Launch!

We’re delighted to announce the release of the pre-order for two new The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms miniatures sets with Adventurer Allies and Adventurer followers coming to boost your forces for the most dangerous of encounters and delves. The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Adventurer Allies and Adventurer Followers are available to pre-order now as part of the Elder Scrolls Call to Arms collection,...

New Tomb World Game Mat to Boost your WH40K Experience from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Necrons have just got their own turf to fight for. A dedicated battlefield of harsh Tomb World is available in multiple sizes, including the new standards compatible with 9th edition rules. Premium materials, high definition print, fine attention to details – check them out at – home of game mats. Links: