New Guild Ball Pitch for The Order Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release – The Order gets their official glorious and monumental playfield. When steel and stone is not good enough, gold and marble does the job. Behold this majestic beauty at – home of game mats. Links:

All Blood Bowl Pitches Receive Major Update at Deep-Cut Studio

All our Blood Bowl pitches have received a major update today! All game mats are now available with dugouts, trackers, templates and everything else you need to keep your game smooth. A couple of new designs have found their way into the league as well. Check these playmats out and pick your favorite at – the home of game mats. Links:

Official Gangs of Rome Game Mat Sees the Daylight at Deep-Cut Studio

We teamed up with Footstore Miniatures and launched the official game mat for Gangs of Rome miniature game! Right in time with the release of a new game scenario box set, one might say. Check out the new Bread and Circuses expansion at, grab the new playmat at – the home of game mats. Recruit. Dominate. Ascend. Links:

New Designed For Infinity Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio – Aleph

New official game mat for Infinity miniature game just launched. Aleph completed the initiation cycle, offering new ways to play your battles on a highly detailed and themed playmat. Welcome to the Machine! Join the greater cause at – home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Starts Releasing Designed for Infinity Game Mats

The very first, official, Designed for Infinity game mat has just arrived. Ariadna starts the range with their cold and rough battlefield. It is an absolute eye candy that you have to see yourself to believe. Check it out at – home of game mats, and be sure to keep an eye out for the new fraction next week. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Updates their Snow Game Mat Design

New game mat release – snowy Tundra theme gets a major update with new textures and completely new design. The new playmat , while keeping similarity to the old one, boasts even more sharp details, more juicy visuals and more ways to use it for your battles, including 15 mm scale. Available in any size you can think of, premium mousepad (neoprene) material, the battlemat is now compatible with a...

Deep-Cut Studio Launches Tuft and Prepainted Bases

Tuft, flock and miniature bases that blend well with your game table background? Yes, sir, come this way please! Handcrafted and prepainted miniature bases, manufactured by grand-masters of the industry, selected flock themes to suit a wide range of battlefields, all compatible with our huge range of game mats – is there a better way to show that your army actually owns the battlefield? Tread the...

Roads and River Stripes for your Miniature Game Tables by Deep-Cut Studio

New scenery available for wargames tables – stripes of roads and rivers. That’s 6 feet of continuous terrain for your table, ready to go out of the box, printed on mousepad (neoprene) material, easy to cut and make any junctions, turns and layout you can imagine. Check it out at Links:

New Forest Game Mat Released from Deep-Cut Studio

New forest themed game mat has just been released! For when a simple field won’t do and you want your fights solved in jungles, woods or forests – this is the battlemat for you. Check it out in all its glory at – home of game mats. Links:

Navigators Guild Gets a New Pitch from Deep-Cut Studio

New Guild Ball team gets a pitch – Navigators. A very unusual design for a game mat, but there is no other team that would enjoy it more. Any ideas where the inspiration came from? Check it for more details at – home of game mats. Links:

Limited Edition Space Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

New limited edition space game mat just became available – NGC602. It’s a beautiful young star cluster that looks like about to be swallowed by a giant cosmic beast. And an interesting one to study the birth of new stars. Just recently discovered younglings are ‘only’ around 1 million years old. Check this beauty at – home of game mats. Links:

New Official Game Mat for Gaslands from Deep-Cut Studio

Oh what a day, what a lovely day for a new official game mat for Gaslands! Splendid graphics, exciting track layout numerously tested to match die-cast car models. And this track is available as 4×4 or 6×4 option on premium mousepad / neoprene material. Fire up your engines, load your guns, it all starts at – home of game mats. Links:

Guild Ball Game Mat Released for Blacksmiths by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat for Guild Ball has just been released – Blacksmiths pitch. Known for their sturdiness and strong arms, only these guys dare ride a horse in a match. No wonder their home pitches are built like fortresses. Ride yourself to victory on this new playmat too – available at – home of game mats. Links:

Butchers Guild Ball Pitch Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat – Butchers pitch for Guild Ball has just seen the light of day. Mean and painful are those guys and some say that a whole lot of unlucky souls became a decoration for their bloody turf. After all everyone around are just weak, tender, soft meat…  Check this new release at – home of game mats. Links:

Drowned Earth Miniatures Game Gets an Official Game Mat by Deep-Cut Studio

A very special and dedicated game mat for Drowned Earth miniatures game has just hit the shelves. Fully compatible with various missions, unique game mechanics and terrain ideas, available as 3×3 or 4×3 versions on premium neoprene / mousepad material. Ready yourself for when the game becomes available next month: – home of game mats. Links:

Gothic Ruins Game Mats Hit the Streets from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Gothic Ruins is another title that speaks for itself and offers no compromises. Futuristic, dirty, grim and beautiful in its own majestic way, it has the right ingredients for any dystopian sci-fi or WH40k setting. Available on premium neoprene material in any size you can think of at – home of game mats. Links:

More Guild Ball game mats from Deep-Cut Studio

Two new game mats this week – both for Hunters guild to kick their goals in Guild Ball matches. One pitch is a dedication to Mood Goddess while the second is blessed by a Sun Father. Both feature beautiful artwork and both boast top of a line quality. Check out to see which you like more. Links:

New Official Union Guild Ball Pitch Released by Deep-Cut Studio

Another new game mat this week – official Guild Ball pitch for Union players. Call them mercenaries or criminals, but they have their own turf to prove who is a boss now. Check it out at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Reloads their Wasteland Game Mat with New Visuals and Eye Candy

We are updating our game mats and this week a big boost goes to Wasteland design. New artwork features state of the art detail level and completely new visuals to feast your eyes upon. Now with more sand in your enemy shoes, more wicked spots to drive into trouble, more desolation and despair for post-apo survivors. Find it at – home of game mats. Links:

New Official Fishermans Guild Ball Pitch Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release for Guild Ball Fishermans guild! Score your goals on the sunny side of beach with this officially licensed pitch – available now at Links: