CatStronauts Board Game Launching May 14th

Proctor, MN – 2/29/24 – The official CatStronauts board game launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday May 14th. The launch reminder signup is live now on Atlas Games’ BackerKit landing page.

Catstronauts: The Board Game is based on the popular graphic novel series by Drew Brockingtown, who both illustrated and designed the new game. It features beloved characters from the comics, and offers a cooperative playstyle with strategic thinking that appeals to all ages.

In the game, players are the fearless CatStronauts. Their mission is to expertly maneuver new modules into place on the International Space Station, and bring them online … all before time runs out.

CatStronauts is such an excellent fit for Atlas Games,” says Atlas Games Co-Owner Michelle Nephew, “Especially because it ties in well with the ongoing success of our Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG. It’s going to be pawsome!”

The May 14th Kickstarter campaign includes:

  • Core Catstronauts Board Game:A boxed game with hex tiles that connect to form the International Space Station board.
  • Deluxe Catstronauts Board Game: Includes the core game and expansion in one set, with upgraded game pieces.
  • CatStronauts Expansion: Adds four more characters, and two more player dashboards that allow 6 total players. It also includes extra missions to increase replayability.

CatStronauts plays in 30-45 minutes, with 1-4 players ages 10+. The CatStronauts board game and its expansion will be available in friendly local game stores in early 2025.

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