PROCTOR, MN – 12/26/23 – Unravel intriguing mysteries, embark on thrilling hunts, and explore endless dreamworlds. Today, Atlas Games unveils Enigma, a new line of puzzle gamebooks that will ignite imaginations and challenge minds. Enigma is coming to Kickstarter on January 23, and will launch with three distinct solo adventure books.

Gloom: Unhappy Birthday at Castle Slogar: You’ve been summoned to Castle Slogar to celebrate Melissa’s 9th birthday … again! But the party has gone awfully awry. Guests are scattered throughout the labyrinthine castle, and Lord Slogar is missing! It’s up to you to lend a hand, or a foot, or whatever you can spare to save the party and rescue Lord Slogar.

Cryptid Hunt: A mysterious journal falls into your hands. Its worn pages chronicle a cross-country search for elusive cryptid monsters. Solve the puzzles hidden in the journal’s passages to discover which one of the creatures is real, and the fate of the disappeared cryptid hunter!

A Guide to Dream Travel: Explore fantastical landscapes you and your children create together with this unique bedtime storybook. In A Guide to Dream Travel, gorgeous pages filled with story prompts let even the most exhausted parent tell enthralling original tales to (and better yet, with) their children.

Each book is challenging enough to be satisfying to solve, but not so difficult it’s just frustrating. And for those needing a nudge in the right direction, Unhappy Birthday and Cryptid Hunt also have their own custom websites, which provide hints and solutions so you never get stuck.

Also available in the Jan 23 Kickstarter campaign will be:

  • A cuddly plush Grogar, the Frankenstein’s Teddy Bear of Gloom, made from recycled materials
  • A plush Steampunk D20 for A Guide to Dream Travel, made from recycled materials
  • Art prints of Cryptid Hunt’s monstrous supernatural creatures
  • High-quality stickers for each book

Get ready to unlock endless possibilities with Enigma. This innovative line of puzzle gamebooks promises hours of brainteasing fun.


About Atlas Games:

At Atlas Games, our passion is offering exceptional games to the world. Our first release was in 1990, making us one of the most reliable hobby game publishers in business, too. We believe in creative curiosity and sensible operations. We love new ideas and always keep our word. If that appeals to you, boy have we got a treat for you!

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