The following calendar reflects a listing of conventions that contain tabletop role-playing events or publishers.  The list is by no means exhaustive and I am always looking for additions and corrections.  If you know of a convention that is not on this list, please send all the applicable information to and I will update the list. – Last updated May 10, 2014

SCARAB Gaming Convention Columbia, SC
RustyCon Seattle, WA
Arcanacon Melbourne, AUS
ConQuest NW Seattle, WA
Winter War Champaign, IL
MidWinter Gaming Convention Milwaukee, WI
Conception New Milton, UK
Gamma Con Lichfield, UK
StrDexCon London, ON
SnowCon Orono, ME
WarpCon Cork, IE
Mini-Mace Winston-Salem, NC
MAGFest National Harbor, MD
OwlCon Houston, TX
GottaCon Victoria, BC
TempleCon Warwick, RI
Capricon Wheeling, IL
Genghis Con Aurora, CO
Con of the North St. Paul, MN
DunDraCon San Ramon, CA
Orccon Los Angeles, CA
TotalCon Mansfield, MA
Game Summit Ottawa, ON
Dreamation Morristown, NJ
BASHCon Toledo, OH
ArctiCon Valparaiso, IN
MystiCon Roanoake, VA
Williamsburg Muster Williamsburg, VA
MegaCon Orlando, FL
Con Nooga Chattanooga, TN
Gamicon Iowa City, IA
Gary Con Lake Geneva, WI
Concrete Cow Milton Keynes, UK
ConnCon Stamford, CT
Princecon Princeton, NJ
Itzacon Galway, IE
Who’s Yer Con Indianapolis, IN
Pyrkon Poznan, PL
Norwescon SeaTac, WA
PAX East Boston, MA
Ark-Con Fayetteville, AR
Mace West Hickory, NC
synDCon Washington DC
Mepacon Clarks Summit, PA
Con-Quest Derby, UK
UBCon Buffalo, NY
Marcon Columbus, OH
Penguicon Dearborn, MI
Conpulsion Edinburgh, UK
Spring Minicon (PolyCon) San Luis Obispo, CA
Fields of Honor Des Moines, IA
Just a Game Con Corvallis, OR
RavenCon North Chesterfield, VA
Fopcon Dayton, OH
Gaming Hoopla Janesville, WI
Fear the Con St. Charles, MO
Mobicon Mobile, AL
Gamex Los Angeles, CA
UK Games Expo Birmingham, UK
CanGames Ottawa, ON
KublaCon San Francisco, CA
Con de Mayo (PolyCon) San Luis Obispo, CA
Comicpalooza Houston, TX
Ancon Hudson, OH
NTRPGCon Bedford, TX
Origins Game Fair Columbus, OH
PortConMaine Portland, ME
PolyCon San Luis Obispo, CA
PaizoCon Bellevue, WA
WesterCon Seattle, WA
ConnectiCon Hartford, CT
Troll Con Little Rock, AR
KantCon Overland Park, KS
Continuum Leicester, UK
DexCon Morristown, NJ
CONvergence Bloomington, MN
Open Gaming Convention Nashua, NH
SpoCon Spokane, WA
GenCon Indianapolis, IN
Fandemonium Nampa, ID
Dragonflight Seattle, WA
Consternation Cambridge, UK
RoundCon Columbia, SC
Gateway Los Angeles, CA
Pacificon Game Expo Santa Clara, CA
GameCon Little Rock, AK
Concrete Cow Milton Keynes, UK
Phantasm Peterborough, ON
Queen City Conquest Buffalo, NY
Geek.kon Madison, WI
GameCon Memphis, TN
FallCon Calgary, AB
Nuke-Con Council Bluffs, IA
Furnace Sheffield, UK
Corn on the Cob Hudson, OH
FlatCon Bloomington, IL
Necronomicon St. Petersburg, FL
OshCon Oshkosh, WI
Chaosludik Montreal, QB
Fall Minicon (PolyCon) San Luis Obispo, CA
Council of Five Nations Schenectady, NY
AmberCon NW Portland, OR
Hammercon Hamilton, ON
Pure Speculation Festival Edmonton, AB
Carnage Fairlee, VT
UberCon New Jersey
WolfCon Chicago, IL
KC Game Fair / ShaunCon Kansas City, MO
Mace Charlotte, NC
AetherCon Online
Dragonmeet London, UK
Wintercon Detroit, MI
AnonyCon Stamford, CT
Holiday Con (PolyCon) San Luis Obispo, CA