Review: Scrying Eye Games – Bottles and Jars

Product Name: Bottles and Jars
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
Series: Art Pack 2
Theme: Fantasy
Type: Battlemap Software Accessory

Bottles and Jars is a battlemap software art pack designed to add detail and character during battlemap creation (with various program packages). It presents the use of many different types of bottles and jars with numerous colors, material, size, shape and position. Each one is given as individual .png files for easy and variable use.


This is a great art pack for those looking to add any type of bottle or jar to a battlemap (during creation). The colors and material are believable and the options for standing or tipped add great value. Art packs are a great way to add the fiddly bits of detail to a great looking battlemap, and this one will make any magical shop or room look fantastic!


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
One of the characteristics that makes this art package so valuable is that each item is contained within its own .png file. Thus no only can you use it for various battlemap programs, but you can also use for many image endeavors. The options that are provided are immense and show a dedication to detail and variety.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
Every option for bottle or jar looks fantastic. The colors are rich and often represent the applicable materials quite well. There’s a good amount of variety and the color choices are excellent. One thing it does very well visually is representing a realistic color and material combination.

Desire to Use: 8 out of 10
While it does bottles and jars very well, and that’s all it’s meant to do, there are very little variances on the sizes of the bottles and jars. With each color/material combination, there is a defined grouping of sizes with very little variation between them. While it’s nice to have a large selection of colors, material and position, size could be a concern. Obviously you can expand the image, but then you risk losing some of the quality. However, for anyone that is making a magic shop or any room with lots of magical implements, this is a great art pack to use.

Overall: 9 out of 10
The sheer number of options makes this a worthy art pack to get. There are 13 material choices and a variety of color choices (depending upon the material). With each one being an individual .png file, they should be very easy to add to your battlemap. The colors look great and the options are vast. Just look at the demo image to get an idea for what you can do.

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