Review: Scrying Eye Game – Type A Far Trader (Scrying Eye Shipyard)


Scrying Eye Shipyard: Type A Far Trader
The Type A Far Trader is a sci-fi battlemap with cartography by James Miller and published by Scrying Eye Games.
By Lord Mhor

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Your characters have checked out of the SciFi Bar, eaten at the SciFi Diner, and blown up the Reactor. It’s time to leave, and what better way than in the Type A Far Trader ? This is a well-depicted battlemat of a small two-level spaceship. Those familiar with the Traveller RPG will feel right at home, but this works well for any space-related gaming venue. The outside of the hull is included as well, perfect for scrabbling over the surface in zero-G or blasting away in the spaceport before struggling into the ship!


The Type A Far Trader is an excellent battlemat, allowing the players to indulge in mayhem on the inside or outside of a sci-fi spaceship. It is complete with an upper upper deck, lower deck, air raft bay, and top outer surface of the ship.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Scrying Eye Games has done an excellent job of sizing the map segments across multiple pages. My suggestion for the best final result is to cut the white edges off after printing without scaling, since the original scale is set to one square equals five feet. Laminate the pieces, then use glossy tape on the butted edges so that, once assembled, nothing shifts or stains when players get excited and scatter snacks in their haste to sweep the decks with plasma weapons.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
This map depicts an excellent environment for a high-quality sci-fi experience. There is a visually-appealing main cargo bay, with two levels of corridors, crew compartments, equipment storage areas, and nice tactical features. It also has a clean sci-fi look, just the sort of thing for a nice blaster pistol duel or neural net hacking job. The various levels can be used for game play whether the characters are with or without gravity or atmosphere.

Desire to Use: 9 out of 10
I’m more of a high fantasy player, but the next time I use a spaceship this battlemat will come into play! The Type A Far Trader “HIMS Easy Money” is the perfect place for aerospace intrigue and heroics, should you have even the slightest interest in the sci-fi genre, so grab your plasma rifle and blast away or just hurl a nice antimatter grenade across the cargo bay and seal your suit before the atmosphere blows!

Overall: 10 out of 10
The Type A Far Trader is an excellent addition to your sci-fi environments and a quality piece from Scrying Eye Games. This battlemat provides an excellent site for an encounter, or an appealing means of interplanetary propulsion for the characters or their foes.

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