Review: Scrying Eye Games – The Foul Strumpet (Dreams of Steam)


Dreams of Steam: The Foul Strumpet
The Foul Strumpet is a fantasy battlemap by James Miller, published by Scrying Eye Games as part of their Ships of Fantasy – Dreams of Steam series.
By Lord Mhor

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The Foul Strumpet is a well-depicted battlemap of a steampunk airship. A gas bag suspends the upper and lower decks of a hanging ship, with large props that drive the entire thing forward with a suitable trail of fumes. This battlemat is a perfect example of how helium is better than hydrogen, because the gas bag is obviously not a hot air balloon. It would not do to be under the bag if the contents could explode from one tiny spark, so the vote goes to helium – or some suitably inert fantasy equivalent!


The Foul Strumpet is an excellent battlemat, allowing the players to indulge in mayhem on several levels of a steampunk airship. It is complete with an upper gas bag, surface deck, and lower deck.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Scrying Eye Games has done an excellent job of sizing the battlemap segments across multiple pages. My suggestion for the best final result is to cut the white edges off after printing without scaling, since the original scale is set to one square equals five feet. Laminate the pieces, then use glossy tape on the butted edges so that, once assembled, nothing shifts or stains when players get excited and scatter snacks in their haste to sweep the decks with projectile weapons.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
This map has perfectly captured the qualities of the steampunk experience. Steam, smoke, cannons, and all sorts of nice tactical features are presented with great quality. It also has a stylish Victorian look, just the sort of thing for a nice parasol or cutlass. The various levels can be used for game play whether the characters are in, on, or under the depicted surfaces.

Desire to Use: 9 out of 10
I’m more of a high fantasy player, but the next time I use an airship I’m using this battlemap! The Foul Strumpet is the perfect place for aeronautical derring-do and hijinks, should you have a fancy for the steampunk genre. What you get is a complete airship experience, so grab your aether pistol and blast away or just drop a nice crate of impact bombs on the helpless fools below!

Overall: 10 out of 10
The Foul Strumpet is an excellent addition to your steampunk environments and a quality piece from Scrying Eye Games. The Foul Strumpet provides the Game Master with an excellent site for an encounter or a tasteful means of long-distance propulsion for the characters and their foes.

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