Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire GM Toolkit and Dice Set Report for Duty!

Today we’re delighted to announce the pre-order release of the Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit and the Klingon Empire Dice Set, two accessories designed to enhance your gameplay from an entirely new perspective—the Klingons!

The Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit and The Klingon Empire Dice Set are available to pre-order now on Modiphius net, with shipping expected in February 2021.

PDF versions of the toolkit are available on and and pre-order customers of the print products, receive a PDF right away. Now on with the details!

The Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit

The Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit gives the gamemaster all the rules references they need to run a mission in the final frontier. It also gives players reference sheets for each of the roles in the Klingon Defense Force and on the bridge of a Klingon warship. This toolkit includes:

  • A 4-panel gamemaster screen, packed with rules for the 2d20 system and reference tables needed during play.
  • Stunning starship art wrapped around the outer sides of the screen.
  • Six double-sided reference sheets including the actions of each role aboard a warship, Momentum spend reference tables, and conflict rules references.
  • A complete 20-page standalone adventure for gamemasters to use as a one-shot mission or as part of a longer campaign.
  • An A2-sized map of Klingon space with Klingonese labels, and on the reverse, a map of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, focused on the Klingon Empire.

The toolkit is available now for pre-order in print or digital formats at and in digital format on DriveThruRPG and is expected to ship in February 2021. Digital files will be sent immediately to customers upon pre-order.

The Klingon Empire Roleplaying Dice Set

Engage in Star Trek Adventures roleplaying with the official Klingon dice set. This blister contains:

  • Two mottled red and black twenty-sided dice with the Klingon insignia on the 1 face.
  • Four custom six-sided Challenge Dice, featuring damage results on the 1& 2 faces, and the Klingon insignia on the 5 & 6 faces, representing Effects.

The dice are available for preorder now and are expected to ship in February 2021.

The Klingon Empire core rulebook is also available now in both standard and Collector’s Editions, as a physical book purchase which includes a free PDF on or as a digital-only PDF release from or DTRPG. See them all, plus minis and tile sets, as part of our Star Trek Adventures Klingon Collection!

We hope you enjoy experiencing the game as Klingons! Now, fire up the reactors, sharpen your bat’leths, and hoist the bloodwine to victory and glory! Qapla’!

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

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