Eldritch Automata Launches on Backerkit June 25 with Backer Exclusive Rewards and More!

Welcome to the dark and dangerous world of Eldritch Automata. Do you have what it takes to pilot an Automata and fight the horrors that seek to devour humanity?

Gehenna Gaming is announcing that their inaugural cosmic horror mecha tabletop RPG, Eldritch Automata, will launch on Backerkit later this month on June 25. Inspired by mecha and psychological horror anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, and Berserk, as well as the film Pacific Rim and the music of Coheed and Cambria, Eldritch Automata is a high-octane cosmic horror ride that will put players in the pilot seat of skyscraper-sized mech, burning their own Egos to fight back against impossibly horrific foes.

The Backerkit campaign will include tiers for digital and physical copies of the upcoming game, as well as three different styles of dice (acrylic, zinc alloy, and scrap iron), a “Game Architect” screen, an equipment deck, Starter Set, monster and NPC/pre-generated character dossiers, a special leatherette deluxe edition core book, limited opportunities to direct art for Horrors or Pilots, and 1/44 scale Automata weapons created by prop masters whose work has been featured in the MCU, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and the “Arrowverse.” Digital rewards will be fulfilled via DriveThruRPG and AlchemyRPG, with the first stretch goal for the campaign including an Alchemy Enhanced Edition.

Backers in the first 48 hours of the campaign will receive a $10 credit in the pledge manager as a thank-you for their support, and all backers will receive exclusive “First Launch Unit” flight patches and T-shirts! Additional t-shirt designs, flight patches, and “insignia” enamel pins will be available as add-ons.

About Eldritch Automata

Designed to blend narrative gameplay with easy-to-learn mechanics, Eldritch Automata boasts a low barrier to entry with simple mechanics and character creation that takes as little as 10 minutes. The game takes a “low-floor/high-ceiling” approach to gameplay, however, with interesting combat and out-of-combat systems allowing for a variety of complex approaches to keep the game compelling for both new and seasoned TTRPG players.

For more news and information on Eldritch Automata, follow Gehenna Gaming on Twitter (X), Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the official website at www.gehennagaming.com.

Check out the Backerkit campaign and get notified when it goes live: https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/8d8678c4-06a1-4020-9fca-569ca7ed6db5/landing?ref=ninerealms

About Gehenna Gaming

Gehenna Gaming is a leading immersive horror tabletop gaming company specializing in providing unique and terrifying gaming experiences. With a commitment to safety, consent, and inclusivity, Gehenna Gaming creates unforgettable tabletop gaming adventures and immersive horror events across the United States and online.

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