Eldritch Automata Kickstarter is LIVE!

Eldritch Automata is now LIVE on Kickstarter¬†and raised more than $13k in the first day! Check out the campaign, the team that’s working on the game, and our pledge tiers – including our limited ELDRITCH ARMS weapons tier with Automata weapon models created by some amazing modelers and costume designers whose work you’ve seen in TV and the MCU!

A new, unique take on the horror TTRPG genre, Eldritch Automata puts you in the pilot seat of your very own mech. Customize your pilot and mech and launch into the apocalyptic landscape of Earth 20 years after Advent Day. Battle horrors and angelic-like beings known as Seraphs, and forge emotional bonds with your fellow players and NPCs that you can leverage in combat to push your limits and protect those you care about.

Eldritch Automata isn’t just about giant mech combat. It explores the personal and psychological horror of surviving in a near-apocalyptic world and the emotional and mental ties that keep you stable as your psyche is put to the test against terrible beings hellbent on destroying humanity.

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