CAPERS Cyberpunk Kickstarter Now Live

This just in from NerdBurger Games.

The CAPERS Cyberpunk Kickstarter is live!

CAPERS Cyberpunk is the bookend game to the original, award-winning CAPERS RPG, released five years ago. In CAPERS Cyberpunk, you portray super-powered cyberpunks fighting the megacorps in an alternate present day. Massive corporations have nearly everyone under their control and it’s up to the unregistered, criminal supers living on the fringes of society to put things right. Will you fight back? Will you organize others to help fight the good fight? Will you be a punk?

CAPERS Cyberpunk is a standalone, all-in-one RPG book, containing everything players and GMs need to tell engaging, exciting stories of making the world a better place in the face of oppression and corporate greed. The Kickstarter campaign features the core game book, themed playing cards, an adventure, and more to come…additional adventures by mystery designers as well as a few other goodies.

Check it out and back it if you’re ready to take on the megacorps with superpowers and cybertech.

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