Dreams and Machines Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, and More Available for Pre-order on Sept 7, 2023

Following the exciting release of the Dreams and Machines Starter Set, award-winning tabletop creator and publisher Modiphius Entertainment continues the journey on Evera Prime with several additional products in the Dreams and Machines line! The Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, GM’s Toolkit, Dice Set, and Collector’s Slipcase will all be available for pre-order on September 7, 2023.

Dreams and Machines is a brand new RPG setting where people come together to rebuild their world following a catastrophic war with monstrous machines. The core RPG line will allow players and gamemasters to fully immerse themselves in an exciting sci-fi fantasy world and experience the unique history, inhabitants, and technologies of Evera Prime!

Player’s Guide

Venture into a world of mystery and adventure, a world where slumbering mechs dot the landscape, and people build their lives anew in the wreckage of paradise. Players will take on the role of one of the new factions of humanity — an Archivist, Dreamer, Everan, River, or Spear — and forge a path for themselves and their people.

The Dreams and Machines Player’s Guide contains:

  • 208 pages guiding you through the core rules, character creation, the history of Evera Prime, and the state of the world as it stands now.
  • A brand new version of the 2d20 system where your Spirit becomes a powerful resource in its own right, and characters gain benefits from learning about the world.
  • 5 different origins, along with 9 archetypes (including 3 advanced archetypes), provide a huge amount of flexibility and variability in how you create your characters.
  • A unique way of using growth to develop your character. Discover your short and long-term goals to retire and be the first to unlock powerful advanced archetypes.
  • And much more!

Gamemaster’s Guide

Help players create memorable stories in the world of Evera Prime, including a deep dive into the playable factions and peoples of Evera Prime, providing much more insight into their stories, backgrounds, and ways of life. As humanity rebuilds and communities begin to thrive, the threat of the Dark City, the Thralls, and the Builder AI loom on the horizon…

The Dreams and Machines Gamemaster’s Guide contains:

  • 240 pages packed with full-color art bringing the world to life. A detailed guide to the history and secrets of Evera Prima, a map and guide to the region around New Mossgrove, information on the wider continent of Nedresita
  • Guidance for the gamemaster on running scenes and advice on core mechanics, like Skill Tests, Truths, Threats, Hazards, Action Scenes, the Spirit Economy, and creating and running NPCs.
  • A host of challenging enemies, including malevolent Nanograms, Civilian, Industrial, and Military Wakers, vicious bioengineered creatures, and dangerous plant life! Plus, a host of sample NPCs from across various factions to populate your adventures.
  • A complete starting adventure: Secrets in Los Rios which can be played standalone or following on from the events of the campaign in the Dreams and Machines Starter Set.
  • And more!

Gamemaster’s Toolkit

A mighty four-panel GM Screen featuring dramatic action-packed artwork and quick rules references to keep the action flowing.

The Gamemaster’s Toolkit contains:

  • A host of handy at-a-glance rules, tables, resources, and guidance at your fingertips.
  • Rules for exploring the world of Evera Prime, with hexcrawl and encounter rules for expeditions into the wilds, including rules for discovering materials, random encounters, and the various types of terrain your players are likely to come across.
  • A host of tables and charts to help you structure and plan your adventures and campaigns in advance or to create exciting encounters and NPCs on the spur of the moment.
  • Tons of adventure seeds and ideas to use to spark inspiration.

Dice Set

The Dreams and Machines roleplaying dice set contains:

  • 5 twenty-sided dice
  • The Spirit symbol in place of the ‘1’ on each dice
  • Numbered in Kari’s handwriting

Collector’s Slip Case

The Dreams and Machines collector’s slipcase contains:

  • Beautiful, collector’s edition cover art of Kari and Abe around the slipcase
  • The Player’s Guide in hardback
  • The Gamemaster’s Guide in hardback
  • A poster-sized map of New Mossgrove and the surrounding region

About Dreams and Machines
Created by Modiphius founder and CCO Chris Birch, Dreams and Machines is a transmedia IP with tabletop gaming built into its core. Beyond the Starter Set and Core RPG line, the IP will continue to expand through other game types, such as a skirmish miniatures game, and eventually into other media, including novelizations, a television show, and video games.

Learn more at dreamsandmachines.com and view the full Dreams and Machines collection on the Modiphius store (US | UK)

Stay tuned for updates by following Modiphius Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the official website at modiphius.net.

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