First Game For Dreams and Machines, Modiphius Entertainment’s Original Sci-Fi Fantasy IP, Now Available For Pre-order

Something is waking on Evera Prime…

Modiphius Entertainment is proud to announce that the first game for their new sci-fi fantasy IP, the Dreams and Machines Starter Set, is now available for pre-order. Created by Modiphius founder and CCO Chris Birch, Dreams and Machines takes you to a far-flung planet where long-dormant mechanical monstrosities are awakening to threaten the world once more. The creative team has also released a video delving into the background and setting of Dreams and Machines, which you can find below.

The Dreams and Machines Starter Set lands at Gen Con on August 3, 2023. Those who pre-order now will receive the quickstart PDF immediately, and will receive the final starter set PDFs as soon as they are available. The quickstart is a thirty-page pdf with six pre-generated characters, allowing you to drop into the action right away and experience first-hand the world of Dreams and Machines. This pdf will not be publicly available until two weeks after the pre-order launches.

You can pre-order the Dreams and Machines Starter Set here: US | UK

A vast distance from Earth, a human colony bearing the scars of a self-inflicted apocalypse survives on the distant world of Evera Prime. In the shadow of ruined megacities humanity rebuilds, scavenging technology from the Old World and returning to a simpler way of life.

Among the mountains and valleys of New Mossgrove, the mechs of the Old World, deadly tools of a corrupt A.I., dot the landscape. Since the war that finally defeated the machines, they have been locked in a slumber that’s lasted hundreds of years. But at times they awaken, and continue their programming to wreak havoc across the world…

Begin your journey to discover the secrets of Evera Prime with the Dreams and Machines Starter Set:

  • Start playing the moment you open the box using a tutorial designed to get new players and gamemasters straight into the action without preparation!
  • Create unique characters mapped out with a hand of cards.
  • Go on a thrilling adventure; explore ancient ruins, find powerful technologies, fight dangerous Wakers, and encounter hunting parties of Thralls, bio-engineered creatures, and malevolent nanograms!
  • Unique updates to the 2d20 system encourage players to help each other through every step of the journey and use their Spirit to power the action.
  • Use weaving to create equipment out of thin air, or interact with advanced ancient systems, find ancient records and trade ‘Knowledge Fragments’ for resources, encouraging players to learn about the world.
  • Contents:
    • Tutorial Booklet, Adventure Booklet, Rules Reference Booklet, 5 twenty-sided dice, 152 tokens, 42 player character cards, 26 equipment cards, 52 NPC cards, 31 illustrated location cards, 13 Knowledge Fragment handouts, 7 character save envelopes, and 7 rules reference cards.

Dreams and Machines is a transmedia IP with tabletop gaming built into its core. Beginning with the Starter Set, the IP will continue to expand through other game types, such as a core RPG line and skirmish miniatures game, and eventually into other media, including novelizations, a television show, and video games. A diverse team of creatives have been brought together to assist creator Chris Birch with bringing the world to life, including Carrie Harris, Amanda Harmon, Anne Toole, Michele Nelson, Matt Zxodiac, Nathan Dowdell, Samantha Webb, Daniel Lade, Bryce Johston, Natalie Whipple, Dave Semark, Mari Tokuda, Logan Boese and Jen Kretchmer.

Hear directly from the creative team in a deep-dive video that introduces the world, history, and factions of Dreams and Machines, as well as the inspiration behind the setting.

Watch it here

Learn more at

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