Dicetale Games’ Blood and Doom Is Coming

On March 21, Dicetale Games will be releasing not one, not two, but three Primer books as free PDFs, totaling more than 500 pages for its upcoming dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Blood and Doom through Drivethrurpg.com. All three books feature large excerpts of the final three tomes and are enough to delve deep into the game. With two free adventures coming as well, the Primers are a great way to start playing Blood and Doom before its Kickstarter campaign launches on April 4, 2023.


About Blood and Doom
In the new tabletop RPG Blood and Doom, the seven realms of Athyr are facing their ultimate destruction as twelve cults and the extradimensional entities they worship are expanding and gaining in power. Track their corruption through Doom Levels. Explore damp dungeons, humid wildernesses, dark forests, and arid deserts.

Forget about ticking off Hit Points, track your Bruises, Wounds, and Injuries instead. Resist Madness and Trauma. Sacrifice Blood Points to combat evil. Spend Doom Points to tempt fate.  Go full-on operatic fantasy and add the extradimensional horror as you see fit. Learn how to see the signs and look up at the dimming stars to fully understand the supernatural horror coming to the seven realms.

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