Action! Adventure! Mystery! It’s All Here in The Troubleshooters, the Latest Tabletop RPG from Via Modiphius

The world is brimming with mysteries, both ancient and modern, and uncovering them is all in a day’s work for The Troubleshooters. Whether it’s exploring a hidden jungle temple or foiling a secret society of sinister spies, one thing is for sure: adventure is everywhere, and trouble is sure to follow!

Published by Modiphius Entertainment through their VIA Modiphius imprint, The Troubleshooters is a globetrotting action-adventure TTRPG set in the 1960s that takes inspiration from French and Belgian comics like Tintin, Spirou et Fantasio, and Yoko Tsuno.  Featuring gorgeous artwork, intuitive rules, and fast-paced gameplay, players will be transported to exotic locales all over the world to hunt for treasure, prevent military secrets from being stolen, and foil the world domination plans of The Octopus. Grand adventure is the name of the game!

So if you’re ready to suit up for stylish, clever, and action-packed investigations, head to the Modiphius store [UK/US]and grab the core rule book, equipment cards, blueprint packs, adventure books, and other accessories!

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