Modiphius Entertainment Launches Pre-Order for Upcoming Star Trek Adventures Products — Tricorder Collector’s Edition and More

Prepare to beam up some awesome Star Trek-themed fun, as Modiphius Entertainment today launched pre-orders for three upcoming products for their Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG. Visitors to and can now lock their phasers onto pre-orders for the “wearable-RPG” Tricorder Collector’s Edition Boxed Set, along with the Star Trek Adventures Gamemaster’s Guide and Star Trek Adventures Player’s Guide. All three products are set for a January 2022 release so be sure to get in your pre-orders ASAP and prepare for voyages into the final frontier. All pre-orders come with an immediate PDF delivery.

Tricorder Collector’s Edition Boxed Set:

The tricorder boxed set is the world’s first wearable roleplaying game for tabletop fans on the move and cosplayers alike. It contains a 304-page digest-sized core rulebook, campaign booklet, rules summary sheets, dice, tokens, and character cards for both the crew of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise and the crew of the U.S.S. Lexington (featured in the Star Trek Adventures living campaign and forthcoming Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide).

Every component has been designed to immerse you in the style of the original series, with the full-color digest edition core rulebook featuring a graphic design based on the screen displays and color scheme of the original series’ Enterprise, and lavish illustrations of the era. Its unique collector’s edition dice match the colors of Captain Kirk’s tunic in green and gold.

Opening with a magnetic flap at the top of the box, it features paneling and texture designs based on the original tricorder prop. The tricorder is made from a durable ultra-density board, while the components inside are robust but lightweight.

The boxed set also contains an exclusive original campaign, The Keyhole of Eternity, designed to be played with either a pre-generated crew contained in the tricorder boxed set or original characters you create.

Player’s and Gamemaster’s Guides:

Exploring the wonders of the Shackleton Expanse and the rest of the Star Trek universe requires even more crews of players eager to play the game and new gamemasters to run the game to create exciting new game experiences. To that end, the Star Trek Adventures team developed two brand-new full-color digest-sized guides, set for release this Christmas season — the Player’s Guide and the Gamemaster’s Guide – to be companion volumes to the various core rulebooks (regular core, Klingon core, or tricorder digest) for the world’s most popular Star Trek roleplaying game. Each guide is packed full of advice designed to help players and gamemasters create amazing Star Trek game experiences.

Both guides contain:

  • A primer on the essential elements of Star Trek and Star Trek Adventures
  • An overview of key Star Trek setting details and technology
  • Definitions of six key Star Trek eras
  • Contents adaptable for use with groups of pioneering Starfleet officers, fearless Klingon warriors, or daring crews of any polity

The Player’s Guide also contains:

  • Guidance on how to be an engaged, active, and supportive player, and insights on building characters collaboratively
  • Additional details on existing character roles and quick-build options for each role
  • A wealth of new character options, including over a dozen new character roles and more than 30 new talents

The Gamemaster’s Guide also contains:

  • Detailed guidance on how to plan a campaign, find players, conduct an effective Session 0, and be an engaged and supportive gamemaster
  • A detailed discussion on how Star Trek stories are structured, and advice on developing scales of stories
  • Deep insights on effectively using the game mechanics, gleaned from four years of feedback and development
  • A wealth of optional rules and gamemaster tools, including extended consequences, advanced traits, Stress and injury variants, and advanced combat rules
  • A dozen sample encounters and over 20 sample extended tasks

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