Announcing Release of Zombie Horror Second Edition: A Survival Horror Manual

For those Game-Masters wanting to use Zombie Apocalypse elements in their modern-set campaigns!

Zombie Horror is a resource manual filled with pregenerated creatures, characters, and modern weaponry. It is a valuable resource for any Game-Master containing applicable fully generated NPCs along with some maps of such places such as a shopping mall, an underground bunker, a secret lab among others.

This illustrated book has 7 chapters & appendices: The Zombie Genre, The Walking Dead, Zombie Sickness, Character Creation, Your Blood-Spattered Arsenal, Master of Horrors, Various Maps, Creature Descriptions, Roster of Souls (NPC’s), Specialist Classes, and Stylized Martial Arts Reference.

This sourcebook focuses on the process of apocalypse, how to survive such a scenario with plenty of adventure ideas, and the zombies themselves. It includes information on several classic and unusual zombie variants as well as such items as necro-kinesis and those born infected.

Zombie Horror is a 100+-page book available in PDF format on October 1, 2019 and available in Print editions by November at the latest. It is a supplement meant for the Dice & Glory ttRPG system.

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