Review: Candlewick Entertainment – Into the Jungle (Endless Quest)

Into the Jungle
Into the Jungle is an epic fantasy Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook written by Matt Forbeck and published by Candlewick Entertainment.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Before I begin, let me state that Into the Jungle is not a book for Dungeons & Dragons. Instead, it is set within Forgotten Realms, an officially licensed setting Dungeons & Dragons games are set in. It does not contain any type of D&D mechanics, but does carry that D&D aesthetic and epic fantasy styling. With that said, please continue to the following review.

Into the Jungle is a Choose Your Own Adventure book set in Forgotten Realms where you take on the role of a cleric in a Dungeons & Dragons-like adventure. It is written in the typical CYOA style whereas you make decisions and your decision determines whether you make it to the end or die trying. It is one of a series of CYOA books by Candlewick Entertainment, called Endless Quest, where each one features a different character type.

Into the Jungle is a fun solo CYOA game book, but it’s a bit deceiving. The pace is very quick whereas you move quickly from beginning to end with only a handful of decisions to make. Although the book looks like it’s a good length, it actually has fairly large print and thus contains less content than you might judge by looking at the book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the read through and the adventure; I only wish it was a bit longer. To go along with this fun read-through, Into the Jungle includes some great artwork and a very RPG-like layout. The low price point means you’re getting value for your money and can choose a wide variety of paths to see where each one leads. Some of them end very quickly, others bring you to or near the end. I actually ended up dying 3 or 4 times before actually making it to the end of the storyline.

I personally am not a fan of cleric-type characters and would love to try out the other books, but this one was still enjoyable to me and makes a great book to share among friends!

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