Letters from the Editor – The New Roleplayers Chronicle

The New Roleplayers Chronicle
By Aaron T. Huss

Open the door to reveal the New Roleplayers Chronicle!

Open the door to reveal the New Roleplayers Chronicle!

It’s that time of the year again where I step back and re-evaluate the website to see how I can increase traffic and provide more value to our readers. The last time I did this, we moved to a mostly-submission only format where I would search for news-worthy items and supplement that with release noticesĀ  submitted by those who wanted to submit their notices. We’re taking it a step further.

Going forward, Roleplayers Chronicle is going to emphasize more on all those things about the RPG industry we love best: talking about games. This means the focus is shifting from news to articles, reviews, and interviews. We will continue to post the news, but ONLY if it’s submitted via the submissions form or through e-mail. Why am I doing this? Because our traffic across article posts far exceed the traffic on news posts. This also means I get to spend more time doing articles and less time worrying about finding news. Thus, if you want your news or releases posted, you’ll have to submit them; no exceptions.

Additionally, we’re going to widen the focus on Roleplayers Chronicle to encompass other geeky things that our writers enjoy. This includes novels, board games, card games, comic books, and just geeky stuff in general. Why are we doing that? Because it’s fun and interesting. We’re going as far as becoming a news outlet for the entire gaming industry, I’m just allowing our writers to explore their other geek interests. This also means you may find more blog-style posts and not just defined articles.

Don’t think that Roleplayers Chronicle is selling out to the big publishers out there. We are now and will forever be a place where everyone is given an even playing ground. You just have to put in the effort to submit those press releases to have your voice heard.

With that in mind I’d like to open that door at the end of the hallway and unveil the New Roleplayers Chronicle!

As you can see, the website has undergone a facelift. This facelift is to emphasize our articles, reviews, and interviews along with providing new spaces for our future blog and other game type posts. Our new header logo kind of says it all: RPGs, Geek, Gaming, News, Blog. Those are the five elements of Roleplayers Chronicle. This is what our writers are all about and this is the voice they provide. This is why I don’t want to limit it to just RPGs, but know that this is the home of role-playing game enthusiasts who like to geek out about the hobby and industry they love so much. What else does this mean? Take a look:

  1. We have a new headline section to accentuate our latest headline posts.
  2. Each major article type now has its own recent posts section to emphasize their existence.
  3. Games and Mhor has been changed to Games and More as Lord Mhor is no longer writing for Roleplayers Chronicle. This is the article category I plan on using for a series of articles I’m planning.
  4. “RPG News” encompasses all previous RPG news categories including New Releases, Announcements, and Conventions.
  5. Near the bottom is a special emphasis on our Guest Articles category and my own Letters from the Editor. This means that you too can submit an article and it will appear in our headline and Guest Article section. Like I said, everyone gets a voice here!
  6. We only have one advertisement spot readily available, but it’s an always on spot that appears on the home page and on every post and page. It’s a heck of a steal for only $0.50 per day.
  7. We’re looking for new writers who’d like to blog about the hobby they love. I’ll post an announcement about this on the Facebook page as well when it comes available.
  8. Our new template is a responsive template that automatically adjusts to the size of your viewing screen on handheld devices. This is totally cool and a huge improvement as it makes our home page that much easier to read.
  9. Each featured section has a “RSS” button next to its headline name for those who want to subscribe to just that category.
  10. Old news posts will be deleted to improve the “Popular Topics” tags. This is important as right now they may point to a lot of old stuff.

I’m pretty excited to move the website forward into its new format. There should be lots of great content and plenty of great articles for you to read and share across the web! Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion too by leaving a comment. We love to interact with our fan base.

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