Crafty Games Announces Tabriz by Randy Flynn

The next game from the award-winning designer of Cascadia is coming to Gamefound

Crafty Games announced their upcoming Gamefound project to fund Tabriz, the next title from award-winning board game designer Randy Flynn. The campaign preview is available at

In this competitive board game, players become master weavers in the bustling Persian market city of Tabriz. They must fill commissions to earn prestige and renown, but resources are limited and the market fluctuates every round. Their Assistants race through the market, hunting for opportunities to grab more for less, but shortages can leave vital resources out of stock. Only a weaver with a keen market sense a firm handle on their inventory can become the undisputed master of their craft. Are you ready for the challenge?

About Crafty Games
Crafty Games is owned and operated by Alex Flagg and Patrick Kapera. They publish board games, tabletop RPGs, and game accessories, including Mistborn products and Antoine Bauza’s Little Wizards. Most recently, they ran successful crowdfunding campaigns for Dollars to Donuts and Buru.

About Randy Flynn
Randy’s first game, Cascadia, won the coveted Spiel des Jahres award in 2022. When he isn’t designing games, Randy is writing computer code, playing basketball, watching soccer, or walking his dogs.

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