Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Gets a Huge New Expansion with Commonwealth Miniature Sets

The wastelands are about to get even more dangerous. In case you missed the news, Modiphius Entertainment recently released a new miniatures expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, their tactical combat game set in the popular post-apocalyptic setting. The Commonwealth Expansion has arrived in the form of multiple miniature packs featuring two core factions, and one free-spirited barbarian!

The Commonwealth Expansion product series includes:

  • Gunners Core Set — This set of miniatures contains 1 Gunner Commander, 1 Gunner Sergeant, 2 Gunner Privates (with two weapon options), 1 Gunner Conscript (with two weapon options), and five scenic bases. MSRP $60 US
  • Railroad Core Set — Includes 1 Desdemona, 1 Drummer Boy, 1 Doctor Carrington, 1 Mister Tims, 1 Tinker Tom, 1 P.A.M., and six scenic bases. MSRP $60 US
  • Unaligned: Grognak Set — Contains 1 Grognak and 1 scenic base. MSRP $20 USD

Also available is the latest official print-at-home release for Fallout: Wasteland WarfareThe Pack: Animal Decor. This set of seven digital STL files includes quirky home furnishings themed after the gang of raiders known as The Pack. A couch made of brahmin parts, a gorilla-shaped lounge chair, and mannequins in animal costumes! Oh my!

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