Modiphius Announces a 2d20 Summer of Gaming and Upcoming “2d20 Day”

The home of tabletop storytelling, publisher Modiphius Entertainment, is kicking off a 2d20 summer of gaming with a dedicated annual 2d20 Day and the impending release of the official System Reference Document (SRD) for the 2d20 game system. On July 20, fans of the 2d20 tabletop RPG system will get a double bonus as Modiphius will release the SRD and launch a 20% off sale on 2d20 core products!

2d20 is Modiphius’ in-house tabletop roleplaying game system used in major releases, including Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, Fallout the Roleplaying Game, Dishonored, Infinity, Conan, John Carter of Mars, Mutant Chronicles, and Achtung! Cthulhu, as well as the upcoming 2023 release Cohors Cthulhu. It was first designed by Jay Little (Star Wars Edge of the Empire and X-Wing) for Modiphius, based on an idea by Chris Birch and Michal Cross, and later developed by Nathan Dowdell and Benn Beaton. Nathan Dowdell now helms the development of 2d20 games internally at Modiphius Entertainment.

The SRD is a toolkit that will allow creators to craft their own 2d20-based role-playing games and supplements. It explains all the core mechanics of the system, making it so game designers can create exciting experiences around Modiphius’ cinematic high-action and dramatic ruleset. The SRD will be available as a downloadable PDF on 7/20/2022.

Along with the SRD release, Modiphius will make a big announcement for the 2d20 system on July 20 and launch a 48-hour sale on all 2d20 core books in print and PDF formats, to help new gamemasters and players discover a wide range of gaming worlds! Starting July 20th at 2:20 pm BST and running until July 22nd at 2:20 pm, these products will be available for 20% off, making it the perfect time to try out games like Dune, Achtung! Cthulhu, and Fallout!

StartPlaying.Games, the largest games and group finding platform for any VTT or game system, will launch a 2d20 summer event running from July 20 until the end of August 2022, letting gamemasters and players connect to find 2d20-based game sessions. All participating Gamemasters who run a 2d20 game with at least two verified players during this period will be entered into a random draw to win one prize of $1,000 USD to spend on the Modiphius webstore, and three players can win one of three $100 USD prizes to use on the store.

Visit the 2d20 Event Page to sign up for more information on 2d20, the SRD, and how to participate in the 2d20 summer event.

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