Leyline Press Announces Salvage Union Pre-order Launch

Leyline Press is pleased to announce that Salvage Union, a post-apocalyptic Mech TTRPG powered by Quest, is now available for pre-order.

Those who missed the successful Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leyline-press/salvage-union) which raised £109,314 from an initial goal of £8,000 can now pre-order the game here. (https://salvage-union.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders.)

Salvage Union is a narrative focused Mech game that uses a simple d20 resolution system. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by oligarchic corporations, players take on the role of Salvager Pilots who scour the wasteland for scrap to keep them and their community alive.  As they eke out survival, travelling the wastes on their humongous Union Crawler Mech, they will engage with terrifying bio-titans, alien constructs, wastelanders and the omnipresent corpos.

Available to pre-order is the Salvage Union Core Book written by Panayiotis Lines (Shadow of Mogg, Albion Tales) & Aled Lawlor. (Fallout:Wasteland Warfare, Skyrim Call to Arms) Presented as an A5, full colour, hardback, 300+ book it includes everything you need to run and play Salvage Union, including the core rules, rules to create Pilots and Mechs with 30 unique Mech Chassis and over 150+ unique Systems and Modules.

Artists working on Salvage Union include Hamish Frater, a digital environment artist who directs a team at Hutch and formerly worked for Sony London Studio. Francesco Silva, a freelance concept artist and creator of the comic series ‘Junk Lords’ and graphic designer Alex Connolly.

Three Adventure Modules are further available, all 48 page full colour, hardcover books.

We Were Here First! Written by ENNIE Award Winning author Diogo Noguirea.
A meteor containing precious minerals able to fuel reactors well beyond their capacity has crashed in a secluded valley scarred with wars of old. A race against time ensues as Salvagers, Corpos and other denizens of the wastes rush for this prized salvage. When they arrive they’ll find the creatures who call this meteor home do not want to let others claim it without a fight.

Rainmaker by ENNIE Award Winning author Luke Gearing
From the corpse of an atmospheric monitoring station, a trove of data revealing anomalous patterns breaking with local climatic conditions – a signature of the ancient art of Cloud seeding. For now, your discovery is secret. Across the broken land, clues to the source are scattered. If too much suspicion is raised, others will take up the hunt – water is life and water is wealth.

Compelled, the rain will fall. What will it find upon the earth?

False Flag written by Panayiotis Lines & Aled Lawlor of Leyline Press
Stefanus Industries is looking to secure another acquisition and you’ve been approached to do their dirty work. Dragged into a web of corporate espionage, dangerous bioweapons and morally questionable decisions; the real question you have to ask yourself is, ‘will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror’.

Dice, patches, posters and more are also available to pre-order with all shipments planned on being fulfilled in December 2022.

Salvage Union can be pre-ordered now here


A free Salvage Union Quickstart can be downloaded here. (https://leyline.press/products/salvage-union-beta-quickstart-digital-edition-pdf-v1-5)

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Leyline Press Website: www.leyline.press

Leyline Press (@leylinepress) is a London based tabletop gaming company. They produce indie tabletop roleplaying games, sci-fi & fantasy adventure modules for a wide range of systems. The company was founded in 2021 by two avid game designers and friends Aled Lawlor & Panayiotis Lines who have combined their knowledge and skills to create Salvage Union.

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