Atlas Games Promises an Unrealistic Christmas 2022 Delivery, Really Seriously

Weird Little Elf card game launched on Kickstarter July 12, 2022

In an era of expensive and unreliable overseas shipping, Atlas Games takes the foolishly brave step of promising delivery before Christmas for a summer Kickstarter campaign. This may seem unrealistic, but Atlas Games is absolutely confident that they can make it happen.

“We’ve done the advance work, coordinated with our factory, and have everything at press and ready to hit the GO button,” explained Michelle Nephew, who is both Atlas Games’ co-owner and Weird Little Elf’s co-producer. “In the event of delivery slips, we’re even prepared to pay for air shipping our backers’ games from China if we have to, since they’re so small and light.”

The palm-sized “gift wrapped” card game is a Christmas-themed light social deduction game, just the right size for stocking stuffers (or shipping via air freight). The game’s “Christmas in July” Kickstarter campaign suits its theme perfectly, but is a gamble that took months of prep to make possible. To make it happen, the Weird Little Elf files had to be completely finished and sent to the printer months before the campaign’s launch. All Atlas Games needs to do now is tell their printer the final quantity and which stretch goals they’re going with, based on the Kickstarter.

“Everybody on my own Christmas list is getting Weird Little Elf this year,” says Nephew, “so I’m super motivated to make this happen!”

About Weird Little Elf
This fast and easyfamily party game is the perfect not-boring activity for your next holiday gathering. Playable with practically any group, any size, any age, it’s a light social deduction game where the Imp is a hidden role that non-gamers and even young kids can handle, with funny physical tells like “scratch your nose” and “cross your eyes.” Reverse the Santa cards for non-Christmas-themed questions, to play all year long.

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