Upcoming Black Void Kickstarter


New Black Void RPG supplement
250+ pages hardback

“Black Void: Under Nebulous Skies” is the eagerly-awaited source/campaign book for the Black Void role-playing game.

Packed with new setting material, new character options including playable halfblood selections, and the first part of the grand campaign trilogy; this book is a must-have for Black Void fans.

The book’s 250+ pages will have abundant beautiful art, detailing new creatures, sentient species, maps, a deep-dive into the Kimah and Dhaarese districts, intriguing NPC’s and much, much more.

The Kickstarter to fund the book will launch on October 15th, 2020.

Player’s option:

  • Expanded character creation options
  • New weapons
  • New backgrounds
  • And much more.

Voidfarer’s travelogue:

  • Deep-dive into kimah and dhaarese
  • Numerous new npcs
  • Multiple location descriptions
  • New maps
  • Enticing plot hooks
  • And more

“Under nebulous skies” campaign

  • A new epic campaign in three parts

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