Holiday Gifts from DriveThruRPG

Check-out DriveThruRPG’s gift ideas and holiday deals!

Gift Certificates

One of the perfect gifts of the year is the DriveThruRPG Gift Certificate!

These can be sent to anyone with a customer account on the site(s) and are useable on digital and print games, books, music and more! They are the perfect gift for the hard to shop for, don’t need wrapping paper, and are secretly what everyone wants this year…

Card Games

There is an excellent selection of in-print card games available now at that would make excellent stocking stuffers and surprise gifts. Including Daniel Solis’ Nine Lives, James Ernest & Mike Selinker’s 12 Days Holiday-themed Family Card Game, and Dragons of the Forsaken Desert from Atlas Games, just to name a few.

Like the print books, these card games take a few days to print, then a few days to ship, so make sure you let your readers know to get their orders in right away if they want these items to arrive in time for the big day.

Holiday Sale Guide

We have a number of publishers running some very cool holiday and end of the year sales on DriveThruRPG. Keep an eye on the Holiday Sale Guide for these great deals as more are added each week.

Santa and X-Mas

For fun, there are lots of entertaining Santa themed RPGs, Comics, eBooks, and more!

A few highlights include:

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