New Old West Call of Cthulhu Scenario, Fever: Death Toll.

A new release on DrivethruRPG through Chaosium’s Miskatonic Repository, Fever: Death Toll is the first scenario of the Fever series by Bite Size Horror using the Old West Call of Cthulhu setting Down Darker Trails.
The scenario explores the harrowing last legs of the California Trail during the 1849 Gold Rush. Join the Kingsley wagon Party and be taken across the infamous 40 mile Desert in Nevada, laid with the dying and burning wagons as new immigrants struggled to cross its blistering sands and clay sinks. Within the Great Basin however the environment isn’t the parties only concern as the Natives of the Northern Paiutes fight for their very survival they turn to the unknowable Great Old Ones. Investigate, bargain and pry where you are not wanted to help or pull down two warring factions within the Paiutes. Or run, as fast as you can to the haven of Ragtown. The only blemish of western civilisation for hundreds of miles.
Fever: Death Toll is 90 pages that includes 17 scenes, Maps, 40 seeds for improvisation, setting information, Era accurate weapons, expanded wagon types, and 25 fully fleshed out NPCs/monsters with images, motives, backstory, and secrets.

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