Magical Kitties Noir Kickstarter Launches 3/28 10:30am CST

Mark your calendar for the Kickstarter launch!
Tuesday March 28th, 10:30am Central.


What can I get in the new Magical Kitties Kickstarter?

  • The all-new Kitty Noir hometown book
  • The handy Magical Kitties Game Master Kit
  • The collectible Magical Kitties Rainbow Paw Enamel Pin
  • Everything from the Magical Kitties Save the Day product line at a discount!

About the Kitty Noir Hometown

As part of the Cat Eyes Detective Agency, magical kitties work together to solve crimes and uncover the mysterious secrets of Sunset City. Because there’s much more to this hometown than meets the eye. Someone has frozen the city in time, inside a magical bubble, and they don’t want anyone to know about it!

About the Game Master Kit 

New GMs can upgrade their Magical Kitties experience with our handy Game Master Kit. It’s a great gift for a first-time GM, and makes running your campaign as easy as turning the page! It features:

  • The sturdy, high-quality GM screen featuring Magical Kitties artwork and important game info for the GM.
  • Includes a copy of the Our Hometown Workbook to keep track of all the fun in your series.
  • Also includes the cute and useful Kitty Breeds Poster to help indecisive players pick their purrfect kitty!

Kitty Noir takes its inspiration from classic film noir and crime movies from the 1930s-1950s, and from Golden Age science fiction stories of time travel.

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