Mystical Throne Entertainment Announces Mercenary Breed 2.0 for Savage Worlds

SHAKOPEE, MN JANUARY 5, 2014 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is pleased to announce the development of the second edition of Mercenary Breed for Savage Worlds.

Mercenary Breed originally made its debut in 2012 and was received well. This original edition provided a compact toolkit and sandbox setting for space opera adventures and campaigns. Mercenary Breed 2.0 promises to considerably expand on these original principals by growing from its original roots, providing a considerably more complete toolkit and sandbox setting, but embracing all aspects of sci-fi tabletop role-playing including space opera, military sci-fi, sci-fi fantasy, and more!

Mercenary Breed is the first Mystical Throne Entertainment product to exhibit a new development format consisting of three core setting books: a player’s guide, called the Mercenary’s Handbook, and GM’s guide, called the Galaxy Guide, and a universal bestiary, called the Xenopedia. Additionally, the Xenopedia can be utilized across all Savage Worlds sci-fi settings as it doesn’t require the Mercenary Breed setting for use. This new format means players will only need to purchase the Mercenary’s Handbook and GMs can choose which aspects of Mercenary Breed they wish to utilize in the Galaxy Guide and Xenopedia. Also, those playing in other sci-fi settings can pick-up the Xenopedia without having to get the full Mercenary Breed set.

Mercenary Breed 2.0 is a considerable expansion to the current edition, which comes in around 32,000 words. The Mercenary’s Handbook alone comes in around 62,000 words! This new series is being co-authored by Aaron T. Huss, the original creator of Mercenary Breed, and line developer, The Warden. The Xenopedia is being illustrated by Andrew DeFelice with each xeno entry having its own character portrait. “It’s kind of like Traveller for Savage Worlds,” said Aaron. “You get a very flexible sci-fi toolkit and a sandbox setting filled with opportunities!” The Warden adds, “This is an exciting opportunity for both existing fans of Mercenary Breed, but new players and GMs as well. We’re taking the open-ended sandbox options of the original edition and helping GMs by filling in some extra details for them to pick and choose as they see fit. It’s a bit galaxy and there’s plenty of room for interpretation – that’s our goal.”

Mercenary Breed 2.0 is due for release in Spring 2014. Previews will be found at the Mystical Throne Entertainment’s website and The Warden’s blog

Mystical Throne Entertainment is the publishing and creative outlet for Aaron T. Huss. He currently holds licenses for Savage Worlds and Colonial Gothic and is a third party publisher for Legend.

The Warden is the line developer for Mercenary Breed, president and owner of Broken Ruler Games, and creator of the ENnie Award winning Killshot RPG.


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