Conflict Games Wants to Kickstart Better Combat with over 100 Combat Description Cards

CoverNanuet, NY, March 17, 2014 – Conflict Games has a new idea for spicing up the descriptions of combat in pen-and-paper role playing games and fantasy fiction writing. The idea is a simple concept – have a deck of cards on hand that contains a ready list of adjectives and thoughtful examples of their use. These adjectives, referred to as action words, are exciting, vivid, and descriptive, and they are ready to be dropped right into any combat depiction. Thus, writers are free to explore creative combat narratives and gamemasters will never have to worry about being put on the hotspot for imaginative combat descriptions ever again.

The basic use remains simple. When a combat erupts and someone is stuck for what to say, they draw a card. And lo, a phrase that fits the attack type and fighting style is right there, ready to be used.

In composition, the deck will have three suits. These suits correspond to the well-known attack types of blunt, piercing, and slashing. Then, the action words and their examples are broken up into the generic fighting styles of Finesse, Power and Range. This quickly leads to an action word appropriate to the combat scene. Card users can choose to use the action word as the center of their own combat description or use one of the two example phases presented on the card. There are example phases for both regular strikes and fatal strikes.

The Combat Description Cards are also system neutral which means these cards are not beholden to any one game and they are designed to appeal to a broad range of RPG players. Moreover, writers do not need a background in roleplaying games to use the cards, just simply have them handy whenever the mood strikes.

Even better than the ease of use, the overall intention of the Combat Description Cards is to improve the user’s vocabulary around depicting combat.  In fact, Conflict Games believes every single time someone uses use these cards, they will improve as a storyteller. If this is true, these cards will benefit us all.

“I would use these cards every single time I GM. Period.” – Neal Arango

In order to make this card deck happen, Conflict Games has initiated a Kickstarter drive. The “Combat Description Cards Kickstarter” runs from March 17th until April 16th. Conflict Games is looking to secure funds for an intended 4th quarter of 2014 release on the card deck. Check out the Combat Description Cards kickstarter page at or

Founded in MAY 2008, Conflict Games LLC is a New York based company dedicated to bring a competitive edge to table-top roleplaying games. Conflict Games produces roleplaying game supplements, battle maps and game accessories and has slowly gained a reputation for quality and innovation.

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