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Square Dungeon Tiles
Square Dungeon Tiles is a collection of battlemap tiles for construction any type of dungeon with cartography by Billiam Babble and published by Inked Adventures.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Square Dungeon Tiles contains a collection of 31 hand-drawn tiles plus a collection of scenery options in a single, handy collection. The tiles use a common grey-stone floor texture along with a darker grey-stone/brick wall. The entire thing is hand-drawn and uses perspective and shadows to represent walls and stairs. To avoid visual boredom, the floor stones are “textured” in a way that makes them feel much more “realistic”.


The collection of tiles is enough to sell you on the Square Dungeon Tiles kit, but the addition of the scenery options truly seals the deal. With these options, you can add real doors, remove hallways from the tiles (or add a secret door), and add other bits and pieces to make the assembled dungeon more appealing. The hand-drawn style look beautiful and the method of shadowing and “texturing” the floor really helps keep it from looking static and boring as if all the stone was smooth and polished. All in all, it is a great collection for a great price when you want to set your explorers into a dungeon using a battlemap.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
The size consideration of these tiles works very well. Each tile is essentially 8×8 with the edges actually cutting down the middle of the last squares, allowing them to meet-up with adjacent tiles. More importantly, the wide variation from tile to tile means you can add a lot of different rooms.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
The hand-drawn style truly gives it that old-school appeal while remaining clean and clear for the non-OSR fan. The use of shadows on the tiles and stairs give a sense of depth while the perspective of the walls clearly define the height of those walls. The design of the doors also enhances the visual appeal of the set as a whole, providing a sense of the types of wooden doors you’d expect in a dungeon.

Desire to Use: 8 out of 10
Square Dungeon Tiles is an excellent collection for building dungeons. The addition of the scenery is fantastic although it could probably use another page or more variety (although you can get these from other Inked Adventures products). I would like to see more room dividers such as archways or something rough leading into a cave or cavern. In addition, all the hallways are 2-squares wide, although this is fairly standard. It is common to create dungeons that have varying sizes of hallways such as 1-square or up to 4-squares wide. A very minor thing and doesn’t really detract from the overall usage.

Overall: 9 out of 10
If you’re going to design an old-school styled dungeon crawl using a detailed battlemap that spans multiple sessions, Square Dungeon Tiles is one of the best tile collections you can get. The price is extremely reasonable and you get a lot of options aside a beautifully hand-drawn design. It should be noted that you also get a set of tiles that allow you to create a flexible-sized room in 8×8 chunks.

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