Sundara: Dawn of a New Age

So many of our fantasy RPGs settings feel like they’re reaching back toward lost days of glory. That the PCs are in a Dark Age, trying to hold onto what light and life they can. “Sundara: Dawn of a New Age” from Azukail Games, is a setting that flips the script on this idea. A fantasy setting that embraces technological achievements that were quite common in our ancient history, and combines them with the alchemy and magic we expect, Sundara is about progress, achievement, and striving forward instead of looking back.
The first supplements that detail parts of the setting are the Cities of Sundara series, which is starting with the release of Ironfire: The City of Steel. Built around a volcanic forge where an alchemical adept finally cracked the secret of forging dragon steel, Ironfire has become an industrial powerhouse in the region. The center of the iron trade in more than one sense, there are some who claim that as many as one in every four people in the city are mercenaries looking to find a new paymaster among the city’s forces, or to stand as the personal champion for those who need a duelist.
The initial supplements will be usable with both Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, as well as Pathfinder Classic, though game-neutral versions will be available that simply remove mechanical options and rules for the other systems. Several cities are already in the works, and depending on player enthusiasm it’s likely that modules, and even campaigns, could follow as the world is revealed one splat book at a time!
Further questions can be directed to Neal Litherland, head writer and creator of the setting, or to Azukail Games at

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