Print A Star Trek Adventures Away Team with New 3D Print-at-Home Products from Modiphius

Modiphius continues expanding its print-at-home offerings with several new 3D-printable miniatures from their Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG line. Available now via Modiphius’ online store [US / UK], DriveThruRPG, and MyMiniFactory, these STL-format files will let you print your own Starfleet away teams for immersive adventures in the Star Trek universe.

This new collection of ten digital files includes the following in 32mm scale:

  • Vulcan Male
  • Vulcan Female
  • Andorian Male
  • Andorian Female
  • Human Male
  • Human Female
  • Denobulan Male
  • Denobulan Female
  • Tellarite Male
  • Tellarite Female

Print-at-home products require a 3D printer, and the files have been pre-hollowed where possible. All files include supported versions for easier printing. It is recommended that you print these on a resin printer.

These files can be bought alone for $3 USD ea. or as a complete set for $21 USD.

Visit the Modiphius store page for more info!

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