Handiwork Games Launches the BEOWULF Annual

Handiwork Games is proud to announce the release of the inaugural BEOWULF Annual in both print format (64 perfect-bound pages in full colour) and PDF. The book collects all of the written content from the first eight digital packs for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes for 5e.

You’ll find a collection of new monsters, articles on creating characters, a set of new Followers, useful treasures and magical weapons, combat examples and a wide variety of random tables to generate new details for your BEOWULF games.

This first BEOWULF Annual features writing from Jon Hodgson and Jacob Rodgers, with art by Jon Hodgson!



Handiwork Games is a game design and publishing company based in Scotland. They produce various game products, including a|state second edition, BEOWULF Age of Heroes, the award-winning The Forest Dragon and Jon Hodgson Map Tiles. Find out more at www.handiwork.games

BEOWULF Age of Heroes is the Ennie-Nominated setting and rules addition for 5e, tailored for one GM and one player in an ancient world of dark age myth. Find out more at https://handiwork.games/beowulf

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