Modiphius Entertainment Makes Statement on Ukraine and Announces Charity Donations

Today, Chris and Rita Birch, founders of Modiphius Entertainment, are sharing the following statement regarding Ukraine. Along with this, the company has launched a charitable campaign where all proceeds from the sales of the PDF versions of the company’s tabletop RPGs, wargames, and adventure products, sold via the company’s online store or via DriveThruRPG, will be donated to Ukraine-relief charities.

“We have been deeply affected by the events of the past week and we at Modiphius deplore the humanitarian disaster unfolding due to the invasion of Ukraine. We join the international cry for an end to the war,” say Chris and Rita.

“We are actively helping our Ukraine-based freelancers and customers, and as an immediate action, announce that from now until midnight PST on March 6th, all proceeds from sales of PDFs from the Modiphius webstores will be donated to front line humanitarian aid efforts. Meanwhile, we will also be exploring other ways in which we can help.”

If you would prefer to donate money or supplies directly, or volunteer to help local organizations, we recommend checking out our Ukraine resource page which contains more information and links to many different organizations involved in a variety of aid programs.

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