January 27th, 2021 — Victor Hurtado is pleased to announce the publication of his first tabletop RPG — Through Dwarfare Games — after several years in the making that has already earned the Best Copper Seller badge only a few days after its release. Chimera is a tabletop roleplaying engine suited to run fantasy, modern, and sci-fi themed games.  This game uses flexible rules that allow you to put the fiction first, but with enough crunch to add more structure to the resolution mechanics if you so wish.

This chimeric beast heavily draws inspiration and mechanics from games such as Apocalypse World, games derived from the d20 system, Dungeon World, and Fate Core. You can see these influences in the core mechanics of the game. In Chimera, you follow ten steps to build your character, allowing you to choose essential aspects of your avatar such as their background, race, extraordinary abilities called perks, their principles and goals, and their gear.

This book also contains chapters to help the Game Master know their role, understand their agenda, arbitrate the rules, and run the game. All delivered in a condensed manner for an easy read. It also includes guides to create adventures, campaigns, enemies, curses, diseases, and traps, give rewards, create character options, numerous optional rules, enemies to pit against players, and an example campaign setting.

Although the book is released under an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0), Dwarfare Games grants permission to anyone to create third-party content for Chimera, sell it commercially and release it under any of the creative commons licenses of their choosing.

You can read more about it on www.dwarfaregames.com

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