The Crystalpunk Campaign Setting Imagines the Dark Future of your Average D&D Fantasy Setting

Dark fantasy meets cyberpunk in the Crystalpunk D&D campaign setting

An upcoming D&D setting takes your average fantasy world and propels it into a dark future. Plus Three Press recently launched a Kickstater campaign for the Crystalpunk campaign setting, a magic-fuelled future where spells, souls, demons, and infused crystals fuel technology. It’s a setting of dark mysteries and difficult choices, where terrifying creatures roam the streets of massive megacities.

The campaign guide contains around 200 pages of material, including lore for a whole new world, game mechanics, and advice for building adventures. Corporate cults run lawless megacities, exotic locations adapt to new magitech, and an ethereal, parallel world called soulspace is used to live second lives. You’ll get to explore these locations using new character options, including arcane firearms and the new Evolutionist class.

Want to give your characters a taste of the magic-fuelled future right now? There is a free subclass playtest currently available, and more preview content available at the campaign page.

With a pledge of AU $25 (about US $19), you’ll get a PDF copy of the campaign guide. For the hardcover version, which comes with free shipping, you’re looking at a pledge of AU $67 (about US $52). More rewards exist at different tiers – such as a digital book of short stories and a Kickstarter-exclusive version of the hardcover.

If you’re itching for neo-noir adventures with 5th-edition rules, Crystalpunk might just be for you. You can read more about it at the campaign page.

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