Review: Modiphius – Ariadna (Infinity: The Roleplaying Game)

Ariadna is a supplement for the military sci-fi Infinity: The Roleplaying Game, powered by 2d20, written by Benn Graybeaton, Jonathan “Killstring” Herzberger, John Kennedy, Marc Langworthy, Mark [Redacted], and Rodrigo Vilanova and published by Modiphius Entertainment.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Ariadna is a supplement for all things Ariadna-related within the Infinity universe. This includes character options, gazetteer, adversaries, cultural background, and general guidance on what makes the faction unique. It is quite comprehensive and really touches on everything players and GMs need to play Ariadna characters, run an Ariadna campaign, or just incorporate the faction or its locales in any game.

Ariadnans lay claims to the planet Dawn, inhabiting it alongside its anthropomorphic, indigenous canine culture, known as the Antipodes. It starts with a look at the history of how the people came to Dawn and then moves into a comprehensive gazetteer of the planet. This gazetteer includes climate, geography, an illustrated map, indigenous species, and a delve into the Ariadna cultural centers.

In what seems like a bit of a bonus section for the book is a chapter that focuses on merchant traders due to the Ariadnan currency holding a “dominance as the international and interplanetary coin of trade”. This faction surely plays a big part in trade throughout the Infinity setting and introduces new types of adventures and campaign centered on mercantile activities. Not only does this chapter of the book discuss the importance of trade, it also provides guidance on creating merchant scenarios and campaigns, mechanics and guidance for mercantile economics, and guidance on traversing the cosmos to conduct those activities.

After that bonus section the books get into more of the mechanics with a nice collection of Ariadna equipment and creating characters with Dawn as their homeland. This includes the full mechanics to supplement, augment, or replace those within the core rulebook for creating characters particular to this faction, culture, and planet. After that is one of the best chapters where you explore the narrative behind the Antipodes and their kin (the Dogfaces and Wulvers) and the mechanics for creating dog-blooded characters. As an integral part of Infinity’s canon, this is a very valuable addition to the role-playing game.

From here the book is “hands-off” to players as the GM is presented with an array of adversaries, notable personalities, and fully fleshed-out NPCs.

Ariadna is an excellent sourcebook and contains a little bit for everyone. It has fluff, player mechanics, GM guidance, and new adversaries. The layout follows the same excellent layout as the core rulebook and the artwork is great! If this is the standard for future faction supplements, then you will likely never be let down.

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