The Merciless Merchants Present, Supermodule: The City of Vermilion (OSR)

The legendary City of Vermilion: birthplace of a thousand legends, hiding place of a thousand secrets–this den of iniquity will form the centerpiece for a Sword & Sorcery campaign in the manner of Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser. Your adventures will take you from its steep, plastered rooftops to its decrepit, ancient sewers, to the silken parlors of merchant princes to the cramped and labyrinthine alleyways of the thieves quarter, to far-off mist-shrouded islands, and mysterious underwater ruins…. or even to the depths of the Maelstrom!

City of Vermillion is an old school tabletop roleplaying adventure set within the fabled island of Vermilion surrounded by the Zontani Sea, where our heroes will encounter perils and wonders never before seen. It’s made for the OSRIC ruleset and fully compatible with other old school gaming systems (Labyrinth Lord, For Gold & Glory etc. etc.).

Approximately 165+ pages, 33+ random tables of wandering encounters, rumors and various searchable items and/or effects, 35 maps of a city, rooftop, sewers, buildings, caves, islands, wilderness, and dungeons! 12 new monsters and over 30+ new magic items. Thanks for your consideration!

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