[Triple Ace Games] Musketeer Adventure is Back!

We want to celebrate the latest incarnation of the classic musketeer stories by Alexandre Dumas which is debuting on British TV this Sunday. The Musketeers is a fresh new take on the genre we all love.

Made by the BBC (more info can be found here) everyone here at TAG will definitely be tuning in on Sunday night! We hope you get a chance to view this but if you are not able to we are offering an alternative path to adventure!

We are offering the All For One Core rules and players guide (including the Savage Worlds version) at a massive 40% discount. Click on your favored flavor below and benefit in this amazing deal!


All for One: Régime Diabolique is a Musketeer RPG with a horror slant. It is available in both Ubiquity & Savage Worlds versions. The Ubiquity version has all the rules in the book to play the game. Savage Worlds is a generic roleplaying system available separately.

Triple Ace Games Ltd is a UK based games company specializing in role playing games. Publishers of Hellfrost, Land of Fire, Sundered Skies, Necropolis 2350, Daring Tales for the Origins award-winning Savage Worlds RPG System. Publishers of All For One: Régime Diabolique – Musketeer Roleplaying for the Ubiquity System & Leagues of Adventure – Victorian Steampunk for the Ubiquity System.

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