Games and Mhor – The Greatest Game of All

The Greatest Game of All
By Lord Mhor

I recently had a dream in which I encountered the infamous and greatly-feared Extrasolar Ninja Hobo. This encounter set me to thinking about physics in the waking world. My father had a PhD in physics, and some of it must have worn off, so here’s a challenge for all enthusiasts of simulation – especially those with an orientation towards science fiction – a speculation on the Great Game. How would you simulate this?

Please contemplate this speculation and share it with all the scientists and technologists in your sphere of influence. Amuse yourself by watching their reactions carefully, if you wish. This extended theory of universal gestation has not been sufficiently explored. I’ve had it in mind for years, and I believe it to be the actual situation of the totality of our reality. Read on!

The outward acceleration of the mass in our universe might not be as exotic as is suspected by the physicist community, but it does require significant cognitive reframing.

What if the Big Bang occurred simply because the mass of our universe in its compressed state finally met or exceeded that required for a black hole to explode, no longer able to retain coherence? In this speculation, either the final minute amount of mass struck a massive existing black hole, reaching the critical mass, or two massive black holes collided and caused a significant detonation after suddenly exceeding this critical mass.


Imagine space as a vast region filled with black holes that occasionally collide and add mass, until finally reaching the critical threshold, like great drops of black oil sticking together and getting progressively larger.

What we consider the darkness of the cosmic void may actually be littered by a vast sea of collapsed galaxies, periodically clotting together as attracted by their masses, lurking out there in all directions until they finally reach that final critical mass.


Out blows a universe occasionally, one of many, clearing a roughly spherical path of all other mass with a huge shock wave, much like a grenade in a swimming pool on a cosmic level. The mass of our universe may simply be accelerating outward to meet the vast amounts of displaced dark matter blown outward by our own Big Bang.

We just can’t perceive it with our current instrumentation because there is no detectable energy escaping, trapped due to the massive gravitation that causes all escaping radiations to twist back into their respective central masses.

We shall see. What do you think? How would this change your science fiction or fantasy games if this were the universal scenario?

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