Gen Con Report – Thursday August 16 Highlights

For more information, take a look at our Twitter feed to see the pictures and information posted during Thursday. Otherwise, here’s a few of the highlights. Full interviews will be posted when I return.

  • I spoke with James Sutton from RedBrick and found that they are rolling into a new, reemerging FASA with James at its head. The current RedBrick lines will fall under the FASA label along with a host of new lines in development. One of the big things highlighted as the development of Blue Planet for Savage Worlds.
  •  I spoke with Dom from Cubicle 7 and spoke about what’s out and what’s coming for their various lines. One thing he was very excited about is the new Yggdrasill and upcoming Arthurian RPG powered by the same system that runs Qin (and headed by the same developers).
  • I spoke with Matthew Grau from WildFire and spoke a bit about CthulhuTech. They are running on their own now (after the folding of Sandstorm) and new releases are in development. He also spoke about taking the Chthonian Stars setting (for Traveller) and developing a unique system to power it.
  • I spoke with Matthew Sprange from Mongoose Publishing about the future of Traveller and he stated that Mongoose has a 10 year license for Traveller that has only run for 5 years and will continue to develop Traveller products for at least those remaining 5. He also spoke about new Judge Dredd RPG books after the release of the upcoming movie along with a Star Fleet Universe setting for Traveller.
  • I spoke with Stephen Chenault from Troll Lord Games about Castles & Crusades and he stated that upcoming core products will move to color with new printing releases. Better yet, the change in the Player’s Handbook from B&W to Color only increased the cost by $5!
  • I attended the D&D Keynote Address and one thing Wizards of the Coast made very clear is that they are really listening to the community feedback in regards to how they drive development for the D&D Next mechanics. In addition, Forgotten Realms will see a a “kickstart” (not Kickstarter, just a kickstart) with a new event and lots of new opportunities supported with a series of 6 novels.

Those are some of the big highlights and I’ll hopefully have more from Friday. The ENnie Awards are on Friday and will be Tweeting that during the presentation.

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