(Pre)Convention Report: KantCon


By Cape Rust

cropped-KantConBanner2013This weekend will mark the beginning of my second trip to Kansas City’s premier Gaming Convention KantCon. For those who have never heard of it, KantCon was founded by Ethan Parker in 2009 in Shawnee Kansas. Mr. Parker was depressed/upset/pissed off that he wouldn’t be able to attend Gen Con. As with most conventions, it started out small, but with folks like Parker and his loyal group of minions at the helm, it quickly exploded like a baby with a full diaper and a bad case of the green apple splatters. For a few years the convention was held at the Johnson County Community College, Regnier Center, and this year it will be held for the first time at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Overland Park Kansas.

I went into last year’s KantCon almost blind, not because there wasn’t outstanding information on their web site (www.kantcon.com) but because it was my first time at this particular convention and it was my first time covering an RPG convention as a member of the “press”. What I discovered was a well run, well organized convention that still retained a practicality that is a hallmark of the Midwest. As most conventions go I met wonderful people who share a love for the same things I do. I could go on and on about those wonderful people that I met, but let’s face it, most of the people that you meet at conventions are great people.

This year’s journey should be interesting as the convention starts on the 5th of July. With Canada Day earlier this week and Independence day the day before the Con, it should prove to be a busy weekend chock full of gaming. I will be interested to see how the KantCon crew handles the change of venue. If last years experience was any indicator, I have a feeling it will be seamless. No plan survives the initial contact, but I have a feeling these guys will prevail.

Another note about KantCon is their charity auction. On June 10th, 2012 Creative Director of Silver Gryphon Games Kevin Rohan lost his 6 year old son Michael in a drowning accident. In Michael’s honor the family has started a Memorial fund to help pay for swimming lesions for local families, CPR and lifeguard training as well as grief counseling. Last year, at the last minute, Parker and crew threw together a Silent Charity to raise money for this worthy cause. Each year the donations grow as well as the amount of money raised.

Please stay tuned as I will be posting pictures, commentaries and my impressions of KantCon 2013. I will also include an interview with Cosplayer and first time Gamer/Convention goer Andrea “Little Red” Serrioz. I will be posting pictures on our FaceBook page and I might even shoot out a few tweets (#kantcon). Enjoy the Holidays, be safe and may you confirm all of your crits!

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