The Sassoon Files 2nd Edition Kickstarter

The Horrible Truth

The bon vivant Victor Sassoon trades correspondence with Doctor Henry Armitage. They share a common goal and modus operandi. Victor fights to keep his empire safe, but he also fights for a Shanghai free from Mythos influence. Victor has gathered around him professors, detectives, criminals, and other problem solvers to mount a defense against a rising tide.

The Book

The Sassoon Files, Second Edition, is a set of scenarios and campaign resources for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition tabletop role-playing game set in historical 1920s Shanghai; an international city of intrigue, style and violence. This new edition contains almost double the content of the first edition, with more scenarios, expanded campaign settings, and improved production value.

The Sassoon Files will include the history of Shanghai and some of the primary factions that competed for influence and power: the Communists and Nationalists who played a game of deadly cat and mouse; the Jewish tycoon who provided succor to refugees; the Triad societies who competed to provide vice for the city’s residents; the Japanese who were moving closer to invasion. The Sassoon Files will also explore the secret history of the Mythos, and the local factions who sought to exploit that which could not be fully comprehended.

The Sassoon Files, Second Edition, will be released as a PDF and a hardcover book:

  • 7+ Scenarios, 300+ pages long.
  • Modular design. Play as one-shot, campaign or integrated into other classic Chaosium campaigns.
  • Lore Sheets provide investigator backgrounds tying them to the setting.
  • 15+ pre-generated characters, historically accurate maps, and immersive handouts.

The Team:

Jason Sheets & Jesse Covner – Developers and writers
Andrew Montgomery – Contributing Writer
Damon Lang – Contributing Writer
Syn Chen – Contributing Writer
Emerald – Cultural Consultant
Jennifer S. Lange – Artist
Carlos Cara Álvarez – Artist
Hsiang – Artist
Kasumi Lang – Artist
Lesley Parks – Artist
Aidan Koch – Editor

Sons of the Singularity, LLC

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