Renegade Game Studios Opens Pre-Orders for Ezra & Nehemiah!

San Diego, CA – February 20, 2023 – Renegade Game Studios is thrilled to announce the opening of pre-orders for “Ezra and Nehemiah,” the latest addition to the world of thematic strategy gaming from Garphill Games. From game designers Shem Philips and S.J. Macdonald, renowned for their work on the West Kingdom and South Tigris series, Ezra and Nehemiah promises an immersive and historically rich experience that lives up to the quality players have come to expect from this team.

“Ezra and Nehemiah” beckons 1-4 players to the ancient city of Jerusalem, tasking them with constructing the temple, fortifying city walls, and sharing the wisdom of the Torah with returning exiles. Beyond the city, players can expand lands, embark on journeys, or tend to the sacred altar’s flame. Guided by prophets Haggai and Zechariah, players utilize cards, workers, and resources over three weeks, contributing to the city’s revival. The game concludes after the third Sabbath, offering a unique blend of strategy and historical immersion.

“We’re excited to bring ‘Ezra and Nehemiah’ to our community. This new title is a testament to the strategic brilliance of designers Shem Phillips and S.J. Macdonald. With its captivating blend of historical narrative and innovative gameplay, this latest addition to the Garphill lineup reflects the team’s ongoing commitment to delivering high quality, engaging experiences,” said Scott Gaeta, President & Publisher at Renegade Game Studios.

“Ezra and Nehemiah has often been referred to as our “greatest hits” title. That’s not to say at all that it’s derivative of our previous games – but that you can see our design fingerprint in every aspect of the game. Players can look forward to a lot of positive player interaction, brain-burning decisions, and a deep, replayable experience,” said game designer Shem Phillips.


Renegade Game Studios was established in 2014 by game industry veteran Scott Gaeta to publish games that create memorable experiences including a catalog full of award-winning titles. Renegade’s catalog of games includes numerous popular titles such as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, Transformers Deck-Building Game, My Father’s Work, and award-winning titles such as Raiders of the North Sea, and The Fox in the Forest.

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Garphill Games (“gar-fill”) was established in 2009 by New Zealand designer, Shem Phillips. For their first five years, they designed a number of family-style games with very low print runs, which primarily sold across New Zealand. In 2014, the company launched their first ever Kickstarter campaign. This was for their biggest game yet: Shipwrights of the North Sea. The game gained a lot of interest and helped push Garphill out into the global scene. A year later they followed up with the highly-rated sequel, Raiders of the North Sea. Since then the company has continued to release quality games every year, picking up numerous awards and appreciation from players and reviewers alike.

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