Homeworld: Fleet Command Board Game Now Available to Pre-order

The epic battle between the Kushan and Taiidan will soon be yours to control! Homeworld: Fleet Command, created by Modiphius Entertainment and based on Gearbox’s award-winning video game series, is now available for pre-order. The game can only be purchased through Kickstarter and the Modiphius web store (UK | US).

A number of products in the line are available, including the core game box, the campaign expansion, additional fleet box sets, and several bundles, in order to provide players with the definitive Homeworld tabletop experience.

Find more information on all of the available Homeworld: Fleet Command products here.

Homeworld: Fleet Command
Grand fleets clash in fast-playing tabletop battles set in the Homeworld universe! Take command of Kushan or Taiidan fleets in epic warfare. Solo rules allow one person to play as either side against a determined AI opponent, or up to four players can share command of the same side or team up against each other. Multiple copies of the game can be combined to create massive fleet battles.

Embark on a 10-part campaign that will take players from their first fighter skirmish to huge battles such as Return to Kharak, Supernova Station, and Tenhauser Gate. With several step-by-step scenarios included, players can jump right into the shoes of an Admiral and gradually learn the core game mechanics as the size of their fleet increases! The core game box features over 100 models of Fighter squadrons, Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, and fleet-busting Capital Ships, including the iconic Mothership itself!

The Homeworld: Fleet Command core game box contains:

  • 50 Plastic Taiidan Ships (24 Fighters, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier)
  • 51 Plastic Kushan Ships (24 Interceptors, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier, 1 Mothership)
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Double-sided Game board with hex grid
  • 225 Tokens
  • 42 Unit Cards, 44 Leader Cards, 54 Command Cards, 2 Faction Cards
  • 6 Red and 6 Blue Six-sided Dice

Campaign Expansion
Players can take their conquest of the stars to the next level with the Campaign Expansion for Homeworld: Fleet Command. Expand the Kushan or Taiidan fleet and take their battles in space to a whole new level with 100 new ships and new unit cards. Upgrade ships through the new eight-part campaign, plus, play with new rules for Nebula, Planetary Facilities, Heroes, Cloaked ships, and Barrage attacks.

Kushan and Taiidan Fleet Boxes
The Kushan Fleet Box (in Grey or Blue) and Taiidan Fleet Box (in Yellow or Red) each contain over 102 colored plastic spaceship models, an extra Command Card Deck, and unit cards to support more players!

Five Homeworld: Fleet Command bundles are available for players to get the experience best suited to them. Each one contains the Scout Box, which adds more capital ships, stealth fighters, extra Command cards for bigger games, new fleets, and will also come with six PDFs (including three scenarios, a campaign, the solo player’s guide, and rules for an RPG/board game crossover). Scout Box content is only available as part of these bundles.

Available bundles include:

  • The Fighter Bundle: Core Box and Scout Box
  • The Commander Bundle: Core Box, Scout Box, and Campaign Expansion
  • The Admiral Bundle: Core Box, Scout Box, Campaign Expansion, Kushan Fleet Box (Blue), and Taiidan Fleet Box (Red)
  • The Versus Admiral Bundle: Core Box, Scout Box, Campaign Expansion, Kushan Fleet Box (Grey), and Taiidan Fleet Box (Yellow)
  • The Grand Admiral Bundle: Core Box, Scout Box, Campaign Expansion, Kushan Fleet Box (Grey), Taiidan Fleet Box (Yellow), Scaffold Box

Keep up with Modiphius Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and learn more at the official website: https://www.modiphius.net.

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